• It indicates that Montero arrives at Moncloa with a backpack full of breaches and severe cuts in our community.
• Defends that the government of Mariano Rajoy has restored prosperity to the Spanish and defines it as "the best government for Andalusia in all history"
• Asserts that the Sánchez government lacks a political project for Spain

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has affirmed today that the one who will be the new Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, must convert the confrontational position that she has maintained until now with the Government of the Nation into action to achieve a new financing model for Andalusia.

Crespo, has stated that Montero arrives in Moncloa with a backpack full of breaches and severe cuts in our community and has criticized that as Minister of Finance and member of the Andalusian Government, she has done absolutely nothing in six years to recover the defrauded money from the ERE or because the exonerations are no longer maintained.

She has also recalled the 755.000 invoices that were in the Andalusian health drawers when she was in charge of the Ministry of Health, some invoices that, as she has pointed out, "were paid through the payment to suppliers of the Rajoy Government that she criticized so much she".

“Between the Ministry of Health and the Treasury, Montero leaves late-payment interest for a value of 543 million euros. An amount greater than what is invested in the construction of hospitals in a year and to which is added that leaves a total of 8.400 million in promised investments not executed ”, he added.

Thus, he has alluded to the principle of ordinality, which he has pointed out as one of the first problems that Pedro Sánchez will have to face and that is that, as he has argued, "Sánchez defends that this principle be among the constitutional ones, which would mean that the richest are those with the most resources, something that goes against what Susana Díaz and María Jesús Montero have defended up to now in Andalusia”. "Montero will now have to choose between being loyal to Pedro Sánchez or to Andalusia and the Andalusians", she has sentenced.

The popular has asserted that the Andalusian PP feels very proud of the government that Rajoy has presided over these six and a half years because, as he has said, "it has restored prosperity to the Spaniards and because it has been the best government for Andalusia in all history ”.

In this sense, he has ensured that Andalusia was able to get out of the hole where Zapatero left it and has overcome the worst crisis, thanks to the effort, the management, the reforms and the economic contributions of the Government of Mariano Rajoy. "More than 40.000 million with liquidity mechanisms towards Andalusia, with a General State Budget that had 3.500 million in financing than in 2011 and with 19.000 million that the current budgets have, 650 million more in financing," he explained.

In this way, it has influenced the fact that a new stage is now beginning from which the PP will emerge strengthened with a new leadership capable of facing the challenges of the future, on the solid foundation of the work well done over the years.

Crespo has stressed that the Andalusian PP will contribute to the debate that is opening its experience, its position as the community that provides the most delegates to Congress and its work to come out stronger and united. “This new stage will be positive for the Andalusian PP because it will renew the party to face the new challenges, it will excite our voters even more and we will be able to face the Andalusian elections with even greater strength”, he added.

On this point, he has congratulated the new Government of Pedro Sánchez and has regretted that until now only the names that will integrate it have been known but nothing of his political project and he has criticized that we are facing a government that is not very Andalusian since it has He went from having a government with four Andalusian ministers to this one that only has two. “We only know that it is a gimmicky government with the appointments but that it lacks a concrete program. What we do know is that Pedro Sánchez has come to government with concessions to the separatists despite the fact that on his day it was Susana Díaz herself who said that this was against Andalusia ”.

NLP against Gender Violence

In a different order of things, he referred to the Non-Legal Proposal that the Popular Group is bringing to the Plenary Session of Parliament this week and has stressed the need to reach an agreement to achieve an Andalusian Pact against Gender Violence that brings the measures and programs to the Andalusian reality and that highlights the widespread rejection that this type of violence generates throughout society.

He recalled that the president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has asked Susana Díaz on several occasions to reach agreements to carry out this Pact and has regretted that Díaz in the 2015 investiture debate promised to implement this great agreement , that in March 2017 Parliament urged him to comply with this agreement and that to date he has not done anything.

Finally, he has advocated the importance of reaching this Pact to ensure that the Junta's budget has sufficient allocations to fight against this scourge and has urged the Andalusian Government to execute every last euro of the budget to fight violence against gender and for assistance to victims.