• The parliamentary spokesperson of the Andalusian PP recalls that the Andalusian government has powers to subsidize the tax

• He recalled that the Andalusian PP has presented numerous initiatives in this regard since 2004 and, he said, "it will not give up its efforts"

The spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group of the Andalusian PP, Carmen Crespo, has asked this Wednesday the president of the Board to "not block" the proposed Law for the bonus to 99 percent of the Inheritance and Donations Tax presented by the Andalusian PP and which will be debated this afternoon by the plenary session of Parliament.

It is a Law, he said, "of which many groups and many individuals are pending, and we hope that Mrs. Díaz does not block the possibility of starting a debate on it." Crespo recalled that the Andalusian PP has been presenting initiatives since 2004 (non-legal proposals, bills, motions and budget amendments) aimed at the suppression of "a tax that devastates the possibilities of Andalusian families and the economy" .

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group has assured that the Andalusian PP will not give up its fight to abolish a tax that it has described as "unfair, confiscatory, non-redistributive and that it does not improve the living conditions of Andalusians". Crespo has denied that it is a tax for the rich, as defended by the PSOE, and that the provision of public services depends on it. He recalled that the Andalusian government has the powers to reward him: "Mrs. Díaz has the chance this afternoon to put an end to this fiscal hell," he said.

Crespo has indicated that the Andalusian PP Law proposal and other initiatives that the Popular Group brings to the plenary session this week respond to "the demands of society, which asks us to be aware of health, education and to put an end to an unfair and cruel tax”.