• Requests a meeting of the Permanent Delegation to discuss this matter in Parliament as soon as possible.

• "If these union complaints are confirmed, we are facing a lie from the SAS that has to have consequences"

• "We do not understand the silence of Susana Díaz and the counselor these days"

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, today called for the dismissal of the management of the Virgen de Valme hospital, after learning of the complaints from the unions about problems with the elevators in this hospital prior to the accident that cost Rocío's life Cuts.

Crespo recalled that the management of the Valme hospital affirmed from the outset that the elevator that caused this incident had passed all the inspections and that there was no record of previous incidents with this elevator. "If these union complaints are confirmed, we are facing a lie from the SAS that has to have consequences," he said.

Carmen Crespo once again criticized Susana Díaz's silence on this matter, "she and the counselor have remained silent these days in the face of an event so tragic that it has left all Andalusians astonished" and wondered "how many complaints are needed" for the Board and the SAS give all the explanations.

For the parliamentary spokeswoman, we are facing a "double scandal", on the one hand, the lack of explanations and the lack of transparency of the Board about the accident, which requires a thorough investigation and urgent explanations. On the other hand, "lies and deceit", which demands political responsibilities. "When there is a lie, it is that something is being hidden, and therefore we ask for the dismissal of those who have tried to deceive the Andalusians," she concluded.