• Requests that the preparation of the Action Plan be brought forward to November 15 so that more funds can be used before the end of the year
• Alert that the situation of rural roads prevents many farmers from entering their farms and points out the lack of execution of European funds for their conditioning
• Remember that municipalities such as Herrera (Seville) have been left out of the emergency zone declared by the Government and that Adra, in Almería, will receive the 2016 aid two years late

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, today supported the validation of the two decrees approved by the Governing Council to alleviate the damage caused by the recent rains in Andalusia, although she has asked for "speed" in the processing and payment of aid, as well as shortening the deadline for submitting the Action Plan by two weeks to November 15 instead of the 30th. Crespo explained that advancing that deadline by two weeks would make it easier for many of the funds to undertake urgent actions to be released earlier end of the year, and not have to wait for 2019.

Crespo first of all thanked the work of the State Security Corps and Forces and the administrations that have worked during the emergency work, and stated that it has been the mobilizations of the residents and the mayors of the municipalities that "have removed consciences about the slowness of the administration”. In addition, he considered "incomprehensible" that the Council of Ministers held in Seville did not approve the declaration of special emergency areas.

Regarding the decree law on rural roads, he recalled that the farmers of Adra (Almería) have not yet received the resources for their farms, since the actions for these infrastructures of the year 2016 are beginning to arrive now.

He said that the decrees validated today "should be better complemented" and that "they are insufficient." In addition, he warned that there are affected municipalities, such as Herrera, in Seville, which are not covered by the Andalusian government.

He recalled that the plans for rural roads are co-financed with FEADER funds, that in 2016 there was no call and that in 2017 there is only a provisional resolution, so in the last three years of the government, he explained, "they have stopped being used for part of the Board 44 million euros absolutely necessary so that the roads are conditioned for when situations such as those that occurred in recent weeks arrive.

Therefore, he insisted on the need to shorten the term of the action plan, so that farmers can enter their farms. Likewise, he demanded that the provisional resolutions of 2017 on agricultural roads become final and that the 21 million euros of EAFRD funds that are available for this can be used.

Finally, he described financial aid to municipalities as "scarce" and called for "speed" in the damage assessment.