• Regrets that the fight between Sánchez and Díaz has the Andalusians as hostages and Andalusia as a battlefield
• "Díaz is silent in the face of the abuse of Andalusians with regional financing"
• Announces that Juanma Moreno will start a round of meetings with the representatives of the unions, business organizations and collectives who were asked for their opinion on the financing agreement

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo has referred to Pedro Sánchez's decision to postpone the reform of the financing system, at the same time that she has criticized that he pays favors to the independentists and radicals at the expense of the Andalusians.
Crespo has affirmed that the PP is not going to allow the confrontation between Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz to splash the Andalusians or for the former to pay its mortgages with the nationalists and separatists at our expense. “To pay favors to some, you have to take them away from others. Sánchez is going to pay the favors of the motion of censure to the radicals and independentistas at the expense of Andalusia.

At this point, he has assured that this announcement by Sánchez is one more step in the war that they have declared with Susana Díaz, a war that, as he has said, "affects all Spaniards and Andalusians in a special way." “Sánchez and Díaz have taken the Andalusians as hostages and Andalusia as the battlefield of their confrontations”, she added.

Thus, he has indicated that the announcement to suspend 'sine die' the reform of the financing model represents a betrayal of the Andalusians, at the same time that he has asserted that we must not forget at any time that those responsible for Andalusia having a financing system that it is not fair or that it benefits the socialists who were the ones who approved the current system together with the support of Esquerra Republicana.

"The announcement to suspend the reform of the financing model has been the first slap of the National Government to Díaz but we are very afraid that there will be more for the revenge that Sánchez will do to Díaz and that he will have the Andalusians as victims," ​​he added. .

The popular one has alluded to the radical change of criteria of the current Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who despite having defended tooth and nail the need for a new financing model, was to set foot in Madrid, get off the AVE and change your criteria to what has been referred to as high speed conversion. "Montero went from demanding a change in the current model to talking about prudence."

He has also denied the words of Montero and Díaz herself and has defended that despite the fact that the PP did not support the current model, the financing system worked better with Rajoy in government than it did with Rodríguez Zapatero. Specifically, he explained that with the PP model, Andalusia remained on average for funding with the rest of the communities, but since 2009, when the Zapatero model came into effect, our community receives less than average funding throughout the year. application period.

In this way, he recalled that the Andalusian Parliament approved with 101 votes an agreement to obtain the financing that our community needs and that is 4.000 million euros, for which he regretted that Sánchez has betrayed the will of the Andalusians forcefully expressed by the Parliament.

"A government presided over by the greatest enemy of Susana Díaz can never be a friendly government of Andalusia", he has sentenced.

Crespo has stressed that Díaz has always sought any element of confrontation with the Government of Mariano Rajoy but has stated that "we have no doubt that he will miss the institutional loyalty that he has shown at all times with our community."

The popular spokeswoman has criticized that Díaz has gone from being demanding with the Rajoy government to conformism with the Sánchez government. "She is surrendered and her words are docile," she has said.

Finally, he has indicated that the Andalusian PP is not going to allow the confrontation between the two to splash Andalusians and has announced that the president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, is going to initiate a round of meetings and contacts with the representatives of the unions, business organizations and all the groups that were asked for their opinion on the financing agreement. "They were an active part of that great consensus and they have the right to say what they think of the PSOE's decision to paralyze the financing reform," she concluded.