• The parliamentary spokeswoman reveals that the PSOE has acknowledged to the PP that it is a reprisal for summoning Susana Díaz as a witness in the trial of the ERE

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, has defined today as "the greatest act of despotism in the recent autonomy of Andalusia" the renewal of the Consultative Council approved this morning by decree in the Government Council, without dialogue or consensus with the other political groups.

"It is an act typical of absolutism, a behavior typical of Peronism," insisted the popular leader, who also revealed that the PSOE-A has recognized the Andalusian PP this morning that the measure, taken unilaterally and without prior consultation with the rest of parties, is a reprisal for the decision of the PP to request the summons of the president of the Junta to testify as a witness in the trial of the political piece of the ERE, in which the Popular Party is represented as a popular accusation.

He said that the situation seems "very serious" to him, and that it denotes the "fear" and "weakness" of Susana Díaz. In addition, he recalled that recent reports from the Advisory Council have "overturned" the Autonomous Law on Professional Training, and have given "setting blows" to other legislative texts.

"The Advisory Council is an independent body, with its own opinion, but Susana Díaz does not accept it," said Crespo, who criticized the "caciquismo" of a measure that shows that the socialist government "believes it owns Andalusia."

Carmen Crespo harshly criticized the strategy of the president of the Junta to make the Consultative "a monocolor body" including former councilors and former presidents of the Junta de Andalucía.

The PP spokeswoman in parliament called for a "consensus" and urged the rest of the political forces to "take a stand against this impudence." "The Andalusians want consensus, they want to act well, in democracy, and not out of arrogance," she said, while she considered that the measure damages the credibility of the Andalusian government.