• Urges you to present the movements of these cards and to say if there are more in the different bodies of the Board
• The PP will request the appearance of the members of the Faffe in the corresponding commission of the Andalusian Parliament
• Indicates that Juanma Moreno attends the debate this afternoon with a proactive speech proposing solutions to the real problems of Andalusians


The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has today demanded that Susana Díaz give explanations in the general debate on Andalusia that is taking place this afternoon in the Andalusian Parliament on the existence of 'black' cards in the Junta.

Crespo has insisted that Díaz has a golden opportunity to explain this matter as well as the Alhambra corruption plot that has resulted in 24 arrests to stop tarnishing the image of Andalusia.

In this sense, he has also referred to the trial of the ERE that is being held in the Seville Court and in which two former presidents of the Board and 20 other former senior officials are accused. “Is Susana Díaz going to talk about the ERE this afternoon? Is she going to explain how she plans to recover the 741 million defrauded? That is her obligation, to try to recover the money that has been defrauded ”, she added.

The popular has stressed that Díaz has to explain this afternoon what has happened in the Faffe and has recalled that the Board has always denied the existence of credit cards. “The Minister of Finance said in October 2014 that there were no 'black' cards or any other type of card on the Board. She accused the PP of sowing doubts but it turns out that there were and that they were used in hostess clubs.

For this reason, he has urged Díaz to present all the movements of these cards to remove any shadow of doubt about the Faffe and to say if there are more cards in the different bodies of the Board, at the same time that he has stressed that "if they do not He does it because he has no intention of cleaning up the image of Andalusia”.
Likewise, he has stated that the PP has presented a highly topical question in the Andalusian Parliament so that the Employment Minister can give explanations tomorrow about the existence of these opaque cards.

At this point, he has affirmed that if neither Díaz nor the counselor give the appropriate explanations, the PP will request in writing the documentation on this matter in Parliament and will request the appearance of the members of the Faffe in the corresponding commission of the Andalusian Chamber to for the groups to position themselves.

General Debate on Andalusia

In another order of things, Crespo has assured that today we are facing one of the most important sessions of the year in Parliament, a debate that, according to what he has said, "allows us to take the pulse of Andalusia."

He has asserted that the deputies of the Andalusian PP are going to this debate to listen and to propose solutions to the problems of the Andalusians.

"Juanma Moreno's speech is going to be a purposeful speech, thinking about the problems of real Andalusia and offering a hand out to the Andalusian Government."

Finally, he has indicated that the Andalusian PP has solutions to put an end to Andalusia's problems. “We have solutions and all the disposition to collaborate with the Government of the Junta. Because for the Andalusian PP, and we have shown it, the Andalusians are above all else”.