• Criticizes that Díaz has bowed to the interests of Sánchez and his refusal to reform the financing system
• Ensures that if any party opposes the Faffe's commission of investigation, this will mean a betrayal of Andalusia and the fight against corruption.
• It stands out that as of June 30, the Andalusian Government has only executed 290 million of the almost 3.700 of the budget in investments
• It asserts that of the budgeted item for Training for Employment, only 11,3 percent has been executed.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, stated today that Susana Díaz must appear in Parliament to give explanations to all Andalusians about her meeting with the President of the National Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Crespo regretted that Díaz returned from that meeting in Moncloa empty-handed and criticized the fact that it had folded in the face of Sánchez's refusal to reform the current financing system. “Sánchez's response to Díaz in this meeting is summarized in that if there is a lack of money, he asks for a loan. Now we ask Díaz who is the lender and the usurer on this occasion?

In this sense, he has ensured that it is essential that Díaz explain the content of this meeting and the consequences that this may have in Andalusia. "It seems that Susana Díaz has dropped the 4.000 million when crossing Despeñaperros," she added.

The popular has also referred to the commission of investigation on the Faffe and has indicated that nobody would understand that any of the groups were opposed to the celebration of it, at the same time that it has pointed out that if they do so, it will mean fully submitting to the PSOE interests and a huge betrayal of Andalusia and the fight against corruption in our community.

For this reason, he has stressed that this commission of inquiry is necessary and essential to find out the truth of what happened and on what the money that should have gone to create jobs for all Andalusians has been spent.

Likewise, he alluded to the latest data received from the Budgetary Control Office on the execution of the Junta's budget for 2018 as of June 30, which, according to what he said, "represents an indication of how the Andalusian government is managing in these six months".

At this point, he has regretted that in relation to investments this year only 7,7 percent has been executed, which is 90 million less than last year. "Only 290 million of the almost 3.700 of the budget have been executed"; he has sentenced.

Crespo recalled that between 2013 and 2017, that is, since Susana Díaz is president of the Board, more than 9.000 million investments that appeared in the budget have stopped being executed.

In addition, he has spoken of another of Susana Díaz's deceptions that is none other than the one related to the training courses and has explained that as of June 30, only 11,3 percent of the budgeted item for Training for Employment in Andalusia.

“We have been hearing announcements about the restart of the Training Courses for a long time, after having had them paralyzed for six years due to the corruption scandal of these courses, but the reality is that of the 305,6 million promised in the budgets, only they have been executed 34,6 million in the first months of the year”, he concluded.