The deputy secretary of Institutional Policy of the Andalusian Popular Party, Patricia of the Well, stated today that the announcement of the date on which Díaz will present his candidacy for the general secretary of the PSOE is “confirmation that Díaz was never interested in the Andalusian project, but rather that it has served as a springboard for his personal interests.”

Del Pozo, who participated today in Jaén in the presentation of the economic paper of the 15th Congress of the Andalusian PP, pointed out that "from now on, unfortunately, a period of uncertainty opens that can only be resolved with a government, sooner than late, of the PP ».

The popular leader assured that the Andalusian PP is in "a debate of opportunities and not of armchairs, which is where Susana Díaz lives installed." She also defended "reforms against immobility" and has indicated that the economic paper that she will debate in congress has been prepared with "government vocation and as an alternative to the" completely exhausted "model of the PSOE.

Del Pozo, who has been accompanied by the PP's deputy secretary of Autonomies and Town Halls, Javier Arenas, and the party's president in Jaén, José Enrique Fernández Moya, pointed out that the Andalusian PP proposes a "new political project" for the development of Andalusia that "without a doubt it will be the one carried out by the next president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, who will come out of the congress more reinforced and direct to the Presidency of the autonomous government."

The coordinator of the PP Economic Presentation for the XV Regional Congress, Patricia of the Well has marked the strategic lines so that “Andalusia is competitive and stops suffering from a significant gap with respect to Spain and Europe.”

In this sense, Del Pozo has highlighted that "the socialist rulers have not been able to exploit the added value of those sectors in which we are leaders, so we need a policy based on a strong economy and for that we need to be able to produce and compete in Spain and the rest of the world”.