• "Mrs. Díaz cannot continue to be an accomplice of these transfers to the independence movement", has assured the deputy secretary of Institutional Coordination of the PP-A

• He has visited, together with the president of the PP of Seville, the Osuna hospital, whose professionals protest the lack of means and personnel

• Patricia del Pozo: "Susana Díaz has suffocated health professionals because they cannot do their work in decent conditions"

The Deputy Secretary for Institutional Coordination of the Andalusian PP, Patricia del Pozo, has assured this Saturday that a few hours have passed since the new Government took office "and we have already been able to verify that Pedro Sánchez does not have the strength or conviction to face the challenge independentista”.
"Pedro Sánchez has already begun to loosen up in the face of the secessionists' demands," said Del Pozo, who considers that "lifting controls in Catalonia does not contribute to the cohesion of Spain." Given this evidence, he has asked Susana Díaz on behalf of the Andalusian PP to "act if she truly believes in the cohesion of Spain, and that she put the interests of this land above her own."
"Mrs. Díaz cannot continue to be submissive or silent, she cannot be an accomplice in these concessions to the independence movement, she has to put the general interest of the Spanish and Andalusians above her socialist militancy," he said.
Patricia del Pozo has gone this morning, together with the president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Pérez, and other officials of the Andalusian PP to the Osuna hospital (Seville), where she has spoken with the health professionals of this center, who have been leading protests for the lack of resources and personnel as a result of the cuts in the Board.
The Deputy Secretary for Institutional Coordination of the Andalusian PP has pointed out that the Sevillian Sierra Sur is "one of the black spots of health care in Andalusia, a consequence of the lack of planning and budget commitment of the Junta government". “Since Díaz governs, 9.000 million euros have stopped being executed in health matters. He has professionals suffocated because they cannot do their work in decent conditions”, she said.
Del Pozo has denounced the "great imbalances between provinces, despite the fact that professionals give up their lives and are the ones who are saving health." He recalled that the Andalusian public health system "has lost 6.000 professionals and 1.400 beds", and that "as summer approaches, a cut plan is applied to us that is one more twist". "In summer, interventions are reduced by half, vacations are not covered and health centers are closed in the afternoon, because sick leave is not covered and this increases the collapse of healthcare."
Patricia del Pozo has demanded that Díaz "attend to healthcare, stop making excuses, dedicate the resources that are necessary and plan." "The summer plan has to guarantee that citizens are well cared for and that professionals can rest," said Del Pozo, who has announced that the Andalusian PP deputies will visit health centers and hospitals "to check the summer plan and support the professionals.
In the same sense, the president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Pérez, has denounced the shortcomings of the Osuna Hospital and has stressed that it is the professionals who have to demonstrate to demand that the casualties be covered and that the center be endowed with media you need. "Mrs. Díaz remains deaf to these protests and leaves 140.000 inhabitants of 24 municipalities in the Sierra Sur unprotected that have this center as a reference hospital," she stated.