• Alicia Martínez warns of the "lost time" by the Junta for having insisted on approving a "propaganda law" that has been declared unconstitutional
• Demands that the Board act with the residents of Santiponce (Seville), who are going to be evicted by a 'vulture fund' from their homes promoted by a public company
• The Report of the Chamber of Accounts warns of the "very serious breaches" of Susana Díaz in the public housing programs; the PP will request the appearance of the counselor

The spokesperson for Housing of the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Alicia Martínez, has warned this morning of the situation of some residents of the Sevillian town of Santiponce (Seville), tenants of subsidized housing promoted by a public company who are going to be evicted by a 'vulture fund' after entering the company in bankruptcy.
Martínez demanded that the Andalusian government "act" and regretted that the regional laws approved by the government of Susana Díaz continue to allow these situations. In her opinion, Díaz has limited himself to approving “propaganda laws” that have not offered real solutions to Andalusians in terms of subsidized housing and have ended up being “wasted time”.
“That is what has happened with Law 4/2013, on measures to ensure compliance with the social function of housing in Andalusia, approved during the IU-PSOE bipartite stage, which has been declared unconstitutional in those articles related to the expropriation of homes from banking entities”, explained Martínez.
For the popular spokesperson, the sentence has been "a torpedo on the waterline of the Law on the Social Function of Housing." Martínez asked "why the Board insisted on approving a Law that they knew was unconstitutional" and pointed out that during its processing the PP raised 82 amendments to overcome these legal obstacles that were rejected in their entirety.
He recalled that this law was the "star" of the last legislature, and that now, while the president of the Board "meets in San Telmo with Ana Patricia Botín", "we do not know which law to apply to some neighbors who live with the threat of eviction”. "The recent Evidence and Retraction Law does not solve anything despite the fact that Susana Díaz said that she came to provide a lot of legal certainty after the TC ruling."

Alicia Martínez regretted that the management of Susana Díaz's Public Housing programs is limited to "propaganda", and warned of the "very serious breaches" indicated by the Chamber of Accounts in its audit report on the budget program 43A 'Housing, Rehabilitation and Soil', referring to the year 2015.
He said that between 2015 and 2017 the unexecuted budget for this program accumulates a total of 242,5 million euros, "a figure similar to a full annual budget for the program."
The Andalusian PP Housing spokesperson stressed that the report includes delays of up to five years in social emergency aid, "for families who are truly in an emergency situation and who cannot wait"; the existence of "lags" in subsidies to promoters of subsidized housing; or transfers to the Housing and Rehabilitation Agency (AVRA) "without the performance of actions being accredited"
The PP will request the appearance of the Housing counselor before the facts included in the report. "The Report of the Chamber of Accounts leaves many questions about the processes for awarding aid, the transfers to the Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of the Board, and the breaches of the recommendations that the Chamber of Accounts makes in its successive reports."