• The spending authorization approved today by the Governing Council to bid for dependency positions corresponds to the announcement made on October 3 by Díaz, when he stated that they would be places for the elderly in residences
• Ana Vanessa García: "The Minister of Equality recognized in Parliament that it is an administrative procedure that 're-requests' existing positions within the framework of the new model included in the Law"
• "The spending could have been authorized months ago, when Díaz trusted the sustainability of the Andalusian dependency system to the 4.000 million regional financing that Rajoy was demanding"

The spokesperson for Social Policies of the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Ana Vanessa García, today accused the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, of "lying again" about the announcement of the approval of 15.000 positions for dependency in the Council today's Government, which finally consisted of an authorization for spending for 12.520 jobs that are going out again to tender within the framework of the new concert model included in the Social Services Law.

García recalled that the Minister of Equality herself, María José Rubio, recognized on October 3 in the Commission for Equality and Social Policies of the Andalusian Parliament that it is not about newly created positions but rather the authorization of spending by the Governing Council to re-arrange existing places.

"They are the 12.000 places that two weeks ago, on October 3, were announced as new places for the elderly in residences," said García, who considered it "shameful" that the president of the Board "deceives by making a propaganda and false resale of places that are not newly created, but are submitted to an administrative procedure to be tendered again following the evaluation criteria of the new concert model established by law”.

In addition, he said that the spending authorization "could have been done months ago, when Díaz entrusted the sustainability of the dependency system in Andalusia to the 4.000 million of regional financing that he demanded one day and another also from the Rajoy government, and that he left forgotten on the AVE going up to Madrid the day he went to meet Pedro Sánchez”.

García denounced the "shameful use of the elderly to campaign, playing with thousands of families who live in the hope of obtaining a place of residence that in many cases have been waiting for more than two years." “It is unfortunate that the Andalusian government has withheld spending authorization for social services for months just to campaign,” he concluded.