Dolores Eliche, researcher at the University of Jaen whose full name is Maria Dolores Eliche Quesada, In collaboration with the Institute of Materials Science of Seville, has marked a milestone in the construction and recycling industry with its latest invention: an ecological cement made from rice husk ash and aluminum powder. This innovation is not only a significant advance in terms of sustainability and environment, but also in the functionality of the material.

Without a doubt, one more example of the leadership of Andalusia and its public universities, in terms of research and commitment to the environment. This project has been at the top of scientific citations in the world for two years now.

Characteristics of Ecological Cement

Ecological cement stands out for its resistance and hardness, comparable to wood, and offers excellent properties as thermal and acoustic insulation. These characteristics make it an ideal option for the construction of buildings, providing energy efficiency and acoustic comfort.

Applications of its use

This type of cement, in addition to its use in the construction of buildings, has the potential to be used in the manufacture of filters for wastewater treatment plants. This demonstrates its versatility and potential in various fields of application.

Contribution to the Circular Economy

This project is not only a technological advance, but also a model of sustainability. It also contributes significantly to the circular economy, by using waste such as rice husk ash and aluminum powder, minimizing the environmental impact and reducing air pollution.

Dolores Eliche: a brilliant mind behind the Project

The researcher Dolores Eliche is at the forefront of this innovative project, whose work has been internationally recognized. Eliche has been at the top of global scientific citations for two consecutive years, a testament to her dedication and skill in the field of research.

Therefore, the University of Jaén, with this advance, has not only demonstrated its ability to innovate in construction materials, but has also reinforced the importance of integrating sustainable practices in science and technology. Ecological cement, born from the union between science and respect for the environment, is emerging as a key material in the future of sustainable construction.

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