• Popular deputy Toni Martín recalls that bullfighting generates 50.000 jobs in Andalusia and the State pays 100 million euros in VAT
• "It is surprising that Vox has voted against it, let's see how they explain it to the workers and the entire bullfighting sector"
The Presidency, Public Administration and Interior Commission of the Parliament of Andalusia has approved today the non-legal proposal that the Popular Group has presented for the defense, preservation and recognition of bullfighting, despite the votes against by the Vox parliamentary groups and Forward Andalusia.
Toni Martín, popular deputy who has defended the proposal, has asked the rest of the groups to "keep their ideologies of the left or right" because bullfights do not understand politics, and recalled how García Lorca or Rafael Alberti were great defenders of bullfighting.
Regarding the employment it generates, Martín specified that this activity generates 50.000 jobs in Andalusia and moves 850 million euros a year. "We are the community with the most unemployment in Spain and we also have to defend this activity for all the employment it generates," explained Martín.
He also did not forget that the bulls contribute to the state coffers more than 100 million euros per year in VAT, "money that reverts to all citizens, whether or not they are fans of bullfighting."
The environment is also another of the points that Martín highlighted, since defending bullfighting is also defending the pasture and the fighting bull, which would disappear if there were no bullfights. Likewise, the rural world is one of the great protagonists and with the defense of the National Holiday, it would also fight against depopulation.
The non-legal proposal has been approved despite the votes against Adelante Andalucía and VOX. “I don't know how VOX will explain its position to the Andalusians. Their mouths fill defending the bulls but they have preferred to align themselves with Podemos. The approval of this NLP is one more consequence of the Government of the change of Juanma Moreno, who will defend and support bullfighting in Andalusia. This will be very good for the 50.000 people who live in this sector and for all Andalusians”, Martín qualified.
This initiative of the Popular Group has been presented with the conclusions drawn from the meeting held on March 28 with a broad representation of professionals from the bullfighting sector by Deputy Martín, the General Secretary of the Interior and Entertainment of the Junta de Andalucía, Miguel Briones , and the deputy secretary of Rural Development of the PPA, Yolanda Sáez.