• Nieto: "The PSOE did not find a moment to promote it in more than three years"
• The popular ones point out that it is now entering a "complex and difficult process" but that it is done "with will"
• "The assessments are not a priority as they are to create employment, improve health and have the best education"

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, José Antonio Nieto, has highlighted the fulfillment of his formation "in 50 days" with the initiative to suppress the appraisals, one of the agreements that support the government pact for Andalusia signed by the PP and Citizens.

Nieto has assured that "we have complied" unlike the PSOE which, despite signing an agreement with Ciudadanos that included this initiative, "did not find a moment in more than three years to promote it."

He has also indicated that this initiative is now entering into "a parliamentary procedure that will surely be complex and difficult, that we do not know if it will succeed and be carried out, but that it is a procedure that begins from the will to comply with the agreements that are signed that characterize the Popular Party”.

Likewise, the popular spokesperson has indicated that "we are not going to reduce ourselves to this initiative" because "the assessments are not a priority, but it is to create employment, improve health and have the best education for Andalusians."

"From the PP we take care that citizens live better, have fewer problems, that negative circumstances affect them as little as possible and that they can benefit from the positive ones as much as possible."