• Eva Martín: "The Junta has systematically failed to comply with Granada, we can no longer trust its word"

• “The PSOE opted for a merger model against the opinion of professionals and, reluctantly, has been forced to rectify it. But these mistakes are not free. They are costing us millions of euros”

Eve Martin

The parliamentarian of the Andalusian PP for Granada Eva Martín has denounced this Thursday the "continuous nonsense and patching that is assuming the process of hospital fusion and defusion of Granada", a process "plagued with half-truths that, in the end, are the worst lie ”.

During her speech at the Health Commission of the Andalusian Parliament, Eva Martín has highlighted the "lack of dialogue" with the professionals demonstrated by the counselor, but also the "lack of understanding between the socialist leaders", recalling that the mayor Socialist from Granada voted against a PP motion that called for the implementation of two complete sanitary areas, a motion that Ciudadanos also voted against; and that the president of the Granada Provincial Council and general secretary of the PSOE has publicly spoken out against having two separate and complete areas.

Martín has also indicated that the counselor announced in February 2017 a period of six months to complete the defusion and that, now, a year later, without this process having concluded, she has been publicly satisfied with the fulfillment of the deadlines. "You have systematically failed to comply with Granada, we can no longer trust your word, the people of Granada are tired of so many headlines that are not true," she said.

Eva Martín has referred to recent complaints from the Satse union, which has revealed that the Ministry "is failing to comply with the program for the coverage of positions for 60 nurses for the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital, leaving out of the 8-month contracts the active staff who have more experience”. “Staff with fewer points and less experience are starting to work longer, to the detriment of those with more experience, who are being given one- or two-month contracts,” she assured.

Martín has pointed out that the Ministry "opted for a model of hospital fusion against the opinion of professionals and, reluctantly, forced by social pressure, has been forced to rectify". “But these mistakes are not free. They are costing us millions of euros", said the popular deputy, who recalled that "10 million euros were invested in the merger to convert the Traumatology hospital into the new Maternal and Child Hospital and, now, additionally, more than 5 million euros to return to the Traumatology hospital of a lifetime”.

Martín has asked the counselor about the possible diversion of clinical equipment from the Health Campus to the Virgen de las Nieves, a fact that could be illegal, as well as that the SAS "would be breaking the principle of equity and not guaranteeing the balance regarding the assignment of personnel and equipment of both hospitals”.

Martín has wondered "if in Granada we will end up having two half-hospitals, if that is the solution that the PSOE wants for Granada", and has asked for explanations for the fact that PP and Ciudadanos "have refused to allow the Court of Auditors to audit the defusion process and why the deputies of the Andalusian PP are prevented from visiting hospitals”.

“They are trying to hide the true pace of the defusion. The people of Granada and the PP believe in public health, what we do not believe in is the managers of the Andalusian government because there are many promises that have been broken”.