• The deputy for Granada Ana Vanessa García recalls how the Foundation served "to place prominent socialists"
• A report from the General Intervention of the Board detects numerous irregularities in this body

The deputy for Granada in the Parliament of Andalusia, Ana Vanessa García, lamented this Tuesday in the Commission for Culture and Historical Heritage that Granada "is known for the socialist corruption in the Fundación Legado Andalusí, the Alhambra and for the Nevada case", after hearing from the counselor of the branch, Patricia del Pozo, the financial control report of the General Intervention of the Junta de Andalucía on the activity carried out by the Fundación Legado Andalusí during the 2014 budget year.

Del Pozo, who specified before narrating the main lines of this report, that 2014 was the year that could have been audited, cited a long list of breaches in terms of personnel, hiring, financial relations, subsidies or annual accounts. Thus, he specified that the "principles of equality, merit, capacity and publicity in the selection of personnel" were not guaranteed or that "certain personnel of the Foundation" were paid irregularly for three years. Regarding contracting, various breaches of contractual legislation related to the object, award procedure and execution of several contracts occurred while in financial relations, the existence of two credit policies that should have an outstanding balance of 0,00 euros has been verified. and that added a total of 409.000 euros.

After the counselor's presentation, the deputy from the Popular Group insisted that "it is a pity" that the Foundation finds itself in this situation given that years ago it had "a great activity and content" but that in the last decade it has only seen that serves to "place prominent socialists as managers." One of them, recalled García, was charged in the case of the training courses. She also criticized that up to seven payrolls were owed to the workers and that the electricity was cut off for non-payment, lamented García. "Madam Counsellor, I ask you please that this new government of change in Andalusia do everything possible so that Granada is known for its history and heritage and not for the corruption of the previous PSOE government," concluded the Granada deputy.