• It is not about new places, but about a tender for existing places within the framework of the new social concert model, which has not yet been approved.
• The spokesperson for Grupo Popular's Social Policies, Ana Vanesa García, reproaches the president of the Junta for making false announcements and demands that she leave the elderly "out of electoral folklore".

The spokesperson for Social Policies of the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Ana Vanesa García, today accused the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, of lying when announcing the tender this morning for 12.000 new places in residences for the elderly Andalucía, which will be distributed between day-stay units and full-stay units.

García explained that it is a "false electoral announcement", since, he explained, it is not about 12.000 new places, but about a tender for places that were already arranged, but which are going out to tender again within the framework of the new model of concert that collects the Law of Social Services. A concert model that still needs to be approved by decree, and that includes a modification in the evaluation criteria.

"It is false that new places are going to be created, the number of concerted places is the same," said the popular deputy, who demanded that the president of the Board "leave the older Andalusians out of electoral folklore."

García has warned the Minister of Equality about this matter this afternoon, taking advantage of her appearance in the Parliament of Andalusia. The counselor has recognized that, indeed, it is not an expansion of 12.000 new places.

The popular spokesperson recalled that last week, on September 25, the Governing Council already approved an increase of 265 residence places. «After 10 years without arranging places, now they announce 12.000 when a week ago there were 265; It is evident that there has been a desire to confuse and falsify reality in order to carry out electoralism," she stated.