• The general secretary of the popular Andalusians, Loles López, criticizes the "arrogance" of Susana Díaz, who has "applied the policy of command and command" in the distribution of tickets to the monument and demands "transparent regulation"
  • "Tour operators cannot be disrespected, what they do is fight for the interests of Granada and promote job creation," he highlights.
  • The provincial president and candidate for mayor of the capital, Sebastián Pérez, accuses Cuenca of allowing the PSOE of Seville to "do whatever they want" and not fight for the city. "He is not a mayor, he is a political commissioner," he says
  • The spokesperson for the municipal group, Rocío Díaz, announces a motion for tomorrow's plenary session in which she will ask for an "agreed solution" on the distribution with the tourism sector, to which they are turning their backs, as they do to the city ”

    The Popular Party has accused the Socialists of causing "with their forty years of terrible management" the "clear divorce" between Granada and the Alhambra and has made it clear that when it comes to government, in Andalusia and in Granada, that situation will end and the Grenadians are "those responsible for their main monument".

    The provincial president and candidate for mayor of the capital, Sebastián Pérez, has announced that one of the basic pillars of his electoral program will be the Alhambra, "which belongs to Andalusia, Spain and humanity, but above all it belongs to Granada and of the people of Granada, who are the ones who have to defend, manage and protect what is ours, as is the case in Seville, Córdoba, Málaga and many other cities”.

    "There is no logic that having the most visited monument in Spain, we do not obtain the profitability that we should," stressed Sebastián Pérez, who is convinced that this is the fault of the Socialists.

    In particular, he added, the current mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, "who does not act as such and allows the PSOE to do whatever it wants with the Alhambra. Cuenca is not a mayor, he is a political commissioner of Seville. And we have to say enough to that, we cannot resign ourselves to the fact that Granada is a peripheral neighborhood because it is one of the most important capitals in the world and we have to restore its greatness ”, he pointed out.

    Regarding the controversy over the distribution of tickets, which guides, operators and, in general, the Granada tourism sector have complained about, the candidate has criticized the fact that the PSOE has spoken of transparency but, once again, has not applied it. And he recalled that this problem comes "shortly after finishing a judicial process that involved the loss of millions due to the irregular sale of tickets and on which the Socialists have not ruled, they have not had any reaction."

    The general secretary of the PP-A, Loles López, has also referred to this issue to accuse the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, of "applying her well-known arrogance" in the distribution of tickets. "In the end she has done what she wanted, it has been the policy of ordering and commanding, without speaking or counting on anyone."

    The worst of the case, for Loles López, is that this line of action seriously harms the tourism sector, "which is a generator of employment and which is being disrespected." Specifically, he referred to the recent visit of guides and operators to the Parliament of Andalusia, where they went "to defend the interests of Granada" to find a disrespectful attitude from the socialists, "typical, moreover, of those who do not want to Andalusia. Susana Díaz has already shown it many times, because her idea is to go to Madrid. She already tried but even her family told her that they did not want her ”, she commented.

    The popular leader has announced the presentation of a Non-Legal Proposal in the Culture Commission to demand "a real agreement with the tour operators and a transparent regulation of the Alhambra", although what is clear is that this will surely come , “when both here and in Andalusia we govern those who know how to manage things”.

    For her part, the spokeswoman for the municipal group in the capital, Rocío Díaz, has announced that in tomorrow's plenary session the popular will present a motion to demand "an agreed solution" on the distribution. "It is not worth meeting with the collectives so that the Socialists can do what they want later," said Díaz, who understands that the mayor, as vice president of the Board of Trustees, has to give explanations.

    "It does not do so and no information is even published on the transparency portal, although it is mandatory because the Board of Trustees is a public institution," added the spokesperson, who considers it "essential" that, when giving explanations, the Said organization "specify how many tickets affect Granada travel agencies and overnight stays in Granada, because it is essential that the Alhambra has a positive impact on the economy of the sector and the city", it has concluded.