• The Employment Council did not put surveillance means despite being aware of the first assault on the facilities
  • The liquidators now agree with the Andalusian PP by exempting workers from going to their jobs due to the evident lack of security

The Andalusian PP has echoed the new complaints from the workers of the CIO Mijas, after in the early hours of Wednesday morning there have been, for the second consecutive day, robberies and destruction in the facilities, the cost of construction and equipment being rose to 27 million euros, an investment that reaches up to 40 million if the cost of training is added.

The spokesperson for Employment of the Andalusian PP, Teresa Ruiz-Sillero, has highlighted the passivity shown by the Ministry of Employment, which, despite being aware of the first robberies last Tuesday, did not put up the necessary surveillance means to prevent the second assault, in the course of which valuable items such as computer equipment and television screens have disappeared.

The liquidators have now informed the workers that they are exempt from going to their jobs, thus agreeing with the Andalusian PP, which requested it in parliament a week ago. Ruiz-Sillero has assured this Wednesday that the Employment Council has been breaching the regulations on occupational hazards, by forcing workers to go to their workplace in conditions that did not guarantee their personal safety.

Ruiz-Sillero, together with the also parliamentarian of the Andalusian PP and vice president of Parliament Esperanza Oña and the spokesperson for the PP-A in Mijas, Ángel Nozal, visited the facilities this past Tuesday, where they were informed of the situation by the last five training center workers. That same day, the workers, to whom the Board owed 32 salaries, reported the facts to the liquidators and the Provincial Employment Delegation, and personally went to the security forces to file the corresponding complaint.

The Board maintains the facilities in absolute abandonment, which has led to robberies and destruction in recent days. The Andalusian PP holds the Provincial Employment Delegate, the General Director of Vocational Training for Employment and the Counselor directly responsible for this situation.

Authorizing workers not to go to the facilities is, in the words of Ruiz-Sillero, a "temporary solution that should not delay a definitive solution to the situation they are going through." This decision of the liquidators is the result of the complaints of the Andalusian PP during the last appearance of the Employment Minister, in which Teresa Ruiz-Sillero warned of the possible infringements in terms of occupational hazards and occupational health that the Board could be incurring .

In that same appearance, the Andalusian PP questioned the counselor if an ex officio inspection had been opened on these circumstances, without an answer to date. "Unfortunately, time is giving us the reason regarding the painful situation that the workers are going through," Ruiz-Sillero assured.