• The Popular Group presents a non-legal proposal in Parliament and motions in the town halls

• "The objective is to protect one of our hallmarks and promote the equestrian sector in Andalusia as a generator of employment, tourism and sport", he assured Alicia Martinez

The Popular Group has presented to the Parliament of Andalusia a non-legal proposal in which it requests the declaration of the cowboy dressage as an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Ethnological Interest, in correspondence with its cultural and craft values, typical of Andalusia and spread to other countries in the Spanish-American area.

The parliamentarian of the Andalusian PP and spokesperson for the Promotion and Housing of the Popular Group, Alicia Martinez, has ensured that cowboy dressage is currently experiencing a moment of splendor that transcends the regional sphere, "with a multitude of competitions in the different categories at a national and international level without losing an iota of its uniqueness and idiosyncrasy with its inevitable adaptation to international sports regulations.

Alicia Martinez and the spokesman for Agriculture of the Popular Group, Manuel Andrés González, have participated in the meeting of the Table for the BIC Declaration of Doma Vaquera, held during the Salón del Caballo (Sicab) in Seville, and in which they have also intervened, among others, Juan Miguel Moreno, representing Ancce; the bullfighter, rancher and Doma Vaquera champion Álvaro Domecq; the farmer Jaime Guardiola; Antonio Campos Peña, president of the Spanish Association of Anglo-Arab Horses, and Felipe Morenés, president of the National Vaquera Dressage Association.

"The objective of the BIC Declaration is to protect one of our hallmarks and, in addition, promote the equestrian sector in Andalusia as a generator of employment, tourism and sport", he assured Alicia Martinez.

Next Wednesday, the Popular Group will ask the Andalusian Government about the state of the equestrian sector in Andalusia in the Agriculture Commission of the Parliament of Andalusia, where it will show how much remains to be done in this area. In addition, the Andalusian PP will present in the town halls motions in favor of the BIC Declaration of Doma Vaquera and in defense of the equestrian sector.

Doma Vaquera has its origins in Baja Andalucía, closely linked to the herds of wild cattle. It ranges from its own and unique horsemanship that characterizes it, to the different professions and craft trades native to Andalusia, such as its own saddlery for riders and horses, different from all those existing in the world; tailoring, hat making, bridle making and blacksmithing, as well as the necessary relationship in the exercise of the different management tasks of wild cattle, with deep roots in Andalusia, such as bullying and demolition, consolidated today as a sporting discipline, and the rejoneo, as a bullfighting show.

The equestrian sector has shown enormous interest in protecting an activity that generates a great boost in the economic, cultural and tourist spheres, which also translates into jobs, and is also strongly rooted in many Andalusian municipalities where there is a rebound in related trades.

It is also necessary to take into account the formative work carried out by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, of international projection, which since its origin has endeavored to disseminate Doma Vaquera as an equestrian discipline and the traditions, trades and professions that are linked to it. she.