• The Andalusian Pact, complementary to the national one, would have the objective of coordinating all the policies in this area at the Andalusian level

The Economy spokesman of the Andalusian Popular Group, Jaime Raynaud, has once again shown this Sunday the regret of the entire Andalusian PP for the murder of a woman in Lepe at the hands of her partner and has reiterated the party's willingness to collaborate in the approval of an Andalusian Pact against gender violence that unites policies on this matter and in whose drafting the citizen associations involved in the fight against this scourge and all political parties participate.
Raynaud has assured that all efforts must be made to avoid new cases, and has appealed to everyone's unity to implement the necessary measures, because, "if a life could be saved, those efforts would already have been worth it."
Jaime Raynaud has called for the unity of all the social and political forces and has indicated that this unity must materialize in a great Andalusian pact, perfectly compatible and complementary with the national pact already approved in Congress, to coordinate in a more All policies against gender violence are correct.