• Loles López highlights the commitment and trajectory of both in Andalusian politics to defend our interests in the Senate
• "Rosario Soto has done a magnificent job in the Upper House and will have important responsibilities in Andalusian politics"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, announced today that the Popular Group has registered today in Parliament the proposal of Javier Arenas and Teresa Ruiz-Sillero as senators by autonomous designation.
Loles López highlighted the commitment and trajectory of the two proposed persons, who have dedicated "many years of their lives to Andalusian politics, have given everything for this land and will be able to defend the interests of Andalusians in the Senate very well". .
On the other hand, the general secretary wanted to acknowledge the work carried out over the years by Rosario Soto in the Senate from Almeria, highlighting that she has done a "magnificent job" and announced that she will continue working in Andalusian politics, where she will maintain "important responsibilities". .