• Carmen Crespo announces two amendments to the Budgets to "prevent Mrs. Díaz from continuing to delay the hospital 'defusion' operation"

• Denounces that the Board freezes the Employment budgets and, in addition, "deducts from it an item for a supposed Industrialization Plan"

The Parliamentary Group of the Andalusian PP will present two amendments to the 2018 Board Budgets to provide investment items to the Health Campus and the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada, and thus prevent "Mrs. Díaz from continuing to delay the operation of 'defusion' of hospitals in Granada”, as announced on Tuesday by the spokesperson for Grupo Popular, Carmen Crespo.

Crespo has made reference to the new demonstration held last Sunday in Granada, which once again took thousands of citizens to the streets to demand decent healthcare, and has said that this protest occurs because "the Junta has not fulfilled its commitment to the people of Granada and Mrs. Díaz no longer has any credibility left”.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament has assured that the hospital 'defusion' only appears in the Budget Report in a generic way, but the investments are not specified, so the Andalusian PP will present "two amendments that we consider vital for that Susana Díaz cannot delay this process any longer”.

These are two amendments to Chapter VI, and they establish an endowment for health infrastructure for the Campus de la Salud and Virgen de las Nieves hospitals in Granada. “With these two amendments, there is no room for further delay. The 'defusion' has to start immediately, professionals and users cannot be delayed any longer”, he assured.


Carmen Crespo has also referred to the data from the report of the European Network for the Fight against Poverty known yesterday, which, together with those provided by the Eurostat report, paint a worrying socio-economic panorama in Andalusia.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group has highlighted that in Andalusia there are 3,5 million people at risk of social exclusion, as well as the warning about the lack of convergence of the Andalusian community with the European average.

"The data crashes Mrs. Díaz against reality, and they are so serious that she should have already registered a request to appear at her own request before the plenary session of Parliament to give explanations," Crespo assured,

The spokesperson for the Popular Group has denounced that the Budgets agreed by PSOE and Ciudadanos do not come to put a stop to this situation. "These Budgets do not change the model and they are not going to solve anything," said Crespo, who has denounced the budget freeze of the Employment items, from which, in addition, a part is withdrawn to allocate it to a "supposed Industrialization Plan It should be up and running by now."

“Instead of increasing the items for Employment, it cuts them. A part of the budget is dedicated to an additional issue, to a plan that has not yet been carried out ”, he said.

Crespo also recalled that the Díaz government has blocked issues such as workshop schools and employment workshops, the lines for hiring the unemployed (the review of the previous files has not been done and, therefore, the training companies cannot receive the advances) and the call for employed persons. "Training continues to be paralyzed in our autonomous community, and transfers for Employment continue to go unused, in a land where reports of poverty warn us of a serious situation," he assured.