• Carmen Crespo presents an initiative to lower the rates in the personal income tax rate by one point in each of the regional sections

• The PP proposal incorporates new regional deductions for medium and low incomes

• Miranda: "We are not going to stop until we achieve a fair and non-discriminatory tax system for Andalusians"

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, and the spokesperson for the Treasury, José Antonio Miranda, have presented today the Bill that the PP will defend this afternoon in Parliament, and that seeks a drop in rates in the regional income tax rate at a point in each of the autonomous sections.

The objective, Crespo pointed out, is to bring this tax closer to the rest of the autonomous communities and "advance in fiscal convergence" as a "formula for improving the quality of life and job creation."

He said that it is a measure aimed mainly at medium and low incomes, for which it incorporates new deductions on the regional personal income tax for expenses such as daycare centers; foreign language teaching; university studies of the children outside the province of residence; acquisition of school supplies books; and purchase of ortho-prosthetic material not financed by the SAS.

A new deduction is also established for large families and for working mothers. In addition, already existing deductions linked to business investment, job creation and the promotion of R+D+I are improved.

Crespo said that the initiative follows the fiscal orientation proposed by the PP in Andalusia, as has happened with the defense of the progressive rebate of the Inheritance and Donations Tax, so that the Andalusians stop being the ones who pay the most taxes in Spain. "Where money has to be is in the pockets of families and businessmen, in order to create wealth," he said.

"We ask Susana Díaz that, since she has dragged back to Andalusia, she lowers the personal income tax and subsidizes the inheritance and donations tax," said Crespo, who criticized the "coups of autonomy" of the president of the Board, "an autonomy that He does not exercise day by day because he is dedicated to blaming the National Government for everything.

For his part, José Antonio Miranda said that the Andalusian PP "is not going to stop until it achieves an autonomous tax system that is fair and non-discriminatory, and that favors investment and employment."

He explained that one of the main objectives of this initiative is to maintain the progressivity of the tax so that "those who have more pay more" with tax rates that would go from 0% for incomes below 12.000 euros to 47% from 120.000 euros.

In addition, he stressed that the proposal addresses the specific and personal circumstances of the taxpayer, thanks to the battery of deductions for medium and low incomes.

He also pointed out that the initiative encourages business investment with deductions for those who invest their capital in companies that create employment; and the consequent reduction of the tax gap by lowering one point for each regional section of personal income tax.