• The PSOE, with Cs, carries out its proposal so that the Work Plan initiatives of the groups still take a week to reach Parliament
• The PP had proposed that said documents be prepared next Tuesday.
• Raynaud: «Agility and intensity are needed, and the PSOE with the support of Ciudadanos has no interest».

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Faffe Investigation Commission, Jaime Raynaud, today denounced the "pact" between the PSOE and Ciudadanos to stop the work of said commission. "There is no interest on the part of the PSOE in speeding it up, and they count on the support of Ciudadanos, repeating the tone of the entire legislature."

Raynaud made these statements after the first working meeting of the Investigation Commission, after last week the PSOE won its Presidency, a situation that the PP deputy described as "unheard of" and "illogical" to the " be the one who chairs the same party that must be investigated ».

He insisted on the agreement between PSOE and Cs, "with a script that has developed as planned." The PP had proposed that next Tuesday, the 2nd, the groups have their work plan proposals ready and delivered. The PSOE, with the support of Ciudadanos, has carried out its proposal to delay it until October 5. Podemos and IU have abstained from voting on both proposals.

"All the groups that are part of this commission already have accumulated experience that allows us to work quickly in the preparation of a work plan," he said.

He assured that "if the PP were chairing this commission of inquiry today we would have brought a draft work plan to be debated and studied by the groups."

The PP deputy stressed that "time cannot be wasted" and that "speed, agility and intensity" are necessary in the work of the Commission. In addition, he clarified that the PP works "with a normal scenario" regarding the terms of the legislature, which, he affirmed, "should not influence the development of the commission's work."