• Alicia Martínez remembers "the photos of Susana Díaz with Ábalos to later keep the housing aid in a drawer"
• The PP Housing spokesperson rejects that the Board has not yet called for aid for 2018
• "Government aid is managed late and poorly and those from the Board are not even called"

The Andalusian PP Housing spokesperson, Alicia Martínez, denounced today in Jaén the "absolute paralysis" in which the aid included in the Housing Plan of the Junta de Andalucía is found, which she referred to as an "absolute failure" two years after its start-up.

Martínez alluded to this plan approved in August 2016, with “very specific objectives, very specific financing and the balance we make today is very negative. It is clear that there are many cities like Jaén, where there are historic centers and neighborhoods that need rehabilitation and none of this is being done.

The popular spokesperson highlighted the change in criteria that has occurred after the change of government, since that of Mariano Rajoy almost 455 million was allocated to Andalusia, which was managed late and poorly, the Board only spent 50 percent. "Despite the criticism they made of this Rajoy plan," said Martínez, "recently we heard Susana Díaz say that it was a good plan and she took a picture with Minister Ábalos, but we have not seen her take that Andalusian plan out of the drawer, apply that budget and implement the rehabilitation policies”.

Alicia Martínez also questioned the aid provided by the Junta de Andalucía, which has not been fulfilled in recent years. “We are in 2018 and there are no calls for rent, nor for the installation of elevators, nor for the rehabilitation of houses in towns, nor for the rehabilitation of substandard housing. They are specialists in making charts and tables of objectives that later do not meet ”, she affirmed.

As for rental aid, the Board takes up to two years to pay them. At this time, the call for rental aid for 2017 throughout Andalusia has not yet been resolved and the aid for the year 2018 has not yet been called.

The PP spokesperson described as "shame" the breach of the Housing Plan in the installation of elevators, since 40 percent of the budget is left unexecuted, when it affects people in great need.

In addition, he criticized the rehabilitation policies in the towns and in the less favored neighborhoods of the Andalusian cities.