• Carmona demands explanations from the socialists about a paralysis "that meant loss of investment and jobs"

• "The environment must be a priority, but not the excuse for not investing in our land"
The spokesman for the Environment of the PP in the Andalusian Parliament, José Ramón Carmona, has denounced today that the PSOE at the head of the Andalusian Government left a total of 1.207 files related to paralyzed environmental procedures in the whole province of Malaga, as part of the 4.367 files paralyzed throughout the region.

“1.207 files to which they were not able to respond, that they were not able to process, that they did not carry out, preventing, among many other things, the carrying out of all kinds of projects, investments or measures that, in many cases, entailed the creation of employment", the parliamentarian explained in the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development committee held today in the Andalusian Chamber during the course of a debate on the Environmental Quality Reactivation Plan and the administrative collapse of the environmental quality records.

In this sense, Carmona wondered about "what the socialists did when they governed Andalusia." “Didn't it hurt to paralyze all that possible development and growth? It was enough for them to approve what was legal and reject what was not; but it is that they did not even respond, they did not process the files ”, he criticized.

Given this circumstance, the also spokesman for the PP in Malaga has asked the Socialists for explanations, because this paralysis of environmental files "has meant loss of investment and employment" for the province. In fact, at the regional level it is estimated that it has led to a paralysis of 6.750 million euros of private investment.

“Do the Socialists know how many things could have been done with those 6.750 million euros? How many jobs created? How many opportunities for the unemployed of our land?", the popular leader raised, adding that in this circumstance, many of the investors "ended up going to other communities." "All of this has a political responsibility to which the socialists should respond," he added.

The regional deputy stressed that the environment "should be a priority, but never the excuse for not investing in our land." "The new Andalusian Government is going to make our province much more competitive, guaranteeing greater agility and transparency in the processing of these files", he pointed out.

As for the socialist management, he has shown his surprise at the fact that the PSOE spokesman implied that he did not know the number of paralyzed files. “Did they really not know? I don't know what is more worrying”, he snapped, summarizing the work of the PSOE in this regard “with the three I's: that of ineffectiveness, that of inefficiency and that of ineptitude”.