• The PP demands changes to be able to support the Law in the Autonomous Chamber

• Crespo warns that the Bill, which faces its final debate this Wednesday in Parliament, does not include a specific budget for its financing and compliance

• The text does not guarantee the right to free choice of center and does not include a horizon for the elimination of architectural barriers in the community.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, and the spokesperson for Disability, Vicente Valero, today lamented the "serious damage" of the new Andalusian Law on Disability which, in their opinion, "turns its back on the sector ” in areas as fundamental as education, employment, and accessibility without architectural barriers.

Crespo and Valero held a meeting today with the heads of Equality and Social Policies, Ana Vanesa García; and of Education, Marifran Carazo, in which they have analyzed the text of the Bill on the Rights and Care of Persons with Disabilities in Andalusia, which faces its final debate this Wednesday in the Plenary Session of Parliament. A text, they denounced, that "has only taken into account 10 percent of the 111 amendments proposed by the PP, ignoring the most relevant regarding the guarantee of rights."

"The attitude of the PSOE and the complicity of Ciudadanos have culminated in a text that is nothing more than a bad copy of the current law," they said, while pointing out that "the means and resources to mitigate the 80 percent unemployment suffered by people with functional diversity in Andalusia, who continue to be the great forgotten and marginalized of the government of Susana Díaz”.

Crespo has announced that the PP plans to support the Law as long as it is concrete in financing, includes actions in terms of accessibility, as well as the free choice of educational center.

For the PP, the law has remained "a mere declaration of intent" by not specifying a percentage of the budget that guarantees its financing and compliance, as contemplated in one of the amendments presented by the PP and rejected. The text makes explicit reference to its financing to the condition of budgetary availability.

He added the need to prepare an inventory of architectural barriers and a concrete execution of when they will be removed. "We cannot be at the mercy of the years passing and there still being no free accessibility for people with disabilities in Andalusia in the XNUMXst century."

In this sense, they consider it "especially serious" that students with disabilities are not guaranteed the free choice of public school, a measure that is included in the national Education laws, "but that will not be effective in Andalusia, with the decisive connivance of Ciudadanos ”. "The Andalusian Law conditions it to the means and resources available to it and determined by Education, thus allowing exclusion for reasons of disability." In addition, he said that "an example of this discrimination is that there will be siblings who cannot share the same center."

In terms of Employment, the text of the Bill "does not guarantee independent calls for access to employment nor does it specify that the job reservation fee for the disabled is calculated on the total number of places in the public employment offer." On the other hand, they reject that "it is not obligatory to have syllabuses and adapted tests, nor is it established that the effective constitution of temporary employment exchanges for the intellectual disability shift is at the same time as that of the general shift".

"We have lost a golden opportunity to change the model, to move from the beneficial paternalism of the last 38 years towards a true recognition through the cutting-edge law that Andalusia needs", concluded the PP parliamentarians.