The spokesperson for the Popular Group in Parliament, Carmen Crespo, today demanded that the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, "explain the 3.400 million euros without justification in the Junta's spending."

In this sense, Crespo has indicated that "yesterday we learned of a new report from the Chamber of Accounts that affects the credibility of the Andalusian government: the audit report on the accounting of the Board for the year 2015".

The parliamentary spokesperson for the PP has described as "worrying that we have reached the chilling figure of 3.400 million euros without justifying the spending of the Board" and has added that "it is about the concept of issues pending to be justified, a formula that allows the Board to disburse public funds such as property acquisition, current expenses, payroll, expropriations and, above all, payment of subsidies”.

For Carmen Crespo, "the key to this system is that you pay first and then, when possible, the expense is justified, but the most alarming thing is that this type of unjustified payment has increased by 25% in the last year and 36% in the last three years”.

Carmen Crespo has pointed out that "this is a historical fund that has been accumulating for thirty years, since there are unjustified payments pending since 1987" and has ensured that "what is clear is that not only is the hole in these payments without justification, but it increases every year, especially since Mrs. Díaz became president of the government ».

For this reason, Crespo has insisted that "we demand that Díaz and Ciudadanos clarify why expenses are being increased in this way without justifying in the Board and why the requests of the Chamber of Accounts for greater control are not met" .
Lastly, the PP parliamentary spokesperson stressed that "this is not a good model to export to the rest of Spain as it intends to do when it reaches the national leadership of its party."