• Biodiesel Andalucía 2004 was awarded a contract by the Diputación de Sevilla through the provincial company Prodetur
• Susana Díaz has not given explanations in the Senate about the "recommendations" that were given to the company for the hiring of personnel.

The Partido Popular Andaluz will ask the Diputación de Sevilla and the company Prodetur for the complete file of the contract with the company Biodiesel Andalucía 2004, as well as the justification for the subsidy and the list of workers attached to said contract.

The contract awarded by the Seville Provincial Council, governed by the Sevillian socialist Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, is carried out within the framework of the campaign to collect used vegetable oils for the production of biodiesel, through the promotion of local employment.

It is a company specialized in the production of fuels with recycled oil and which, as the Popular Party has exposed today in the Senate during the appearance of the president of the Board in the financing commission of political parties, would have hired among other people, Díaz's sister-in-law, Aurora Moriche, and Fernando Vargas, husband of the Junta delegate in Seville, Esther Gil.

As Senator Luis Aznar explained this morning during the session in the Senate committee, “the people hired appeared on a list of 'recommended' with a numerical key according to the senior position from whom the recommendation came. These two people belong to the numerical key '4'.