El Partido Popular recuerda que fue el PSOE quien utilizó cientos de millones del dinero público en beneficio propio.

• “It is intolerable that the pulpit of San Telmo like another campaign rally”
• Loles López believes that the accusations that are being heard these days in the trial of the ERE should make the Socialists blush
• “La candidata socialista no debería tener tanto miedo a que se hable en el Senado de cómo se ha beneficiado el PSOE de la corrupción en Andalusia"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, today showed her surprise at the statements by the Junta spokesman, Juan Carlos Blanco, before the appearance this Thursday of the socialist candidate, Susana Díaz, in the Senate to explain the corruption of her party and recalled that it was the PSOE who "used hundreds of millions of public money for their own benefit."

He described as "intolerable" the use made by the Socialists of the press conferences after the Governing Council. "The pulpit of San Telmo cannot be converted every Tuesday into another rally of the electoral campaign," said López, who added that "this occupation of the administration and public resources by the Socialist Party in an electoral and sectarian manner It is the trademark of the socialist governments in the Junta and it is one more compelling reason for alternation and political change in Andalusia”.

"The socialist candidate - alluding to Susana Díaz - should not be so afraid that the Senate will talk about how the PSOE has benefited from corruption in Andalusia," he continued.

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP stated that "Díaz, who is so annoyed by talk of the corruption of Andalusian socialism, has a golden opportunity to give explanations in the Upper House of what has happened with the management of public money by the socialist governments in the community, instead of insulting and attacking the Popular Party for working to denounce and clarify the corruption of the PSOE-A governments”

He said that "corruption cases such as the ERE or the Faffe are the ones that stain the name of Andalusia, a huge stain caused by the management of the PSOE-A."

"To clean up this stain of corruption, justifications or excuses are no longer valid, as there have been for years, but collaboration with the Justice and that the PSOE-A regenerate for a while in the opposition," he concluded.