• Virginia Pérez calls on the opposition political parties, especially the PSOE, to "abandon the political use they are making of this matter, being aware that the most important thing now is the recovery of the victims"
• The PP has alerted that "the lack of prior controls by the City Council could have generated this outbreak" and announces that "just today we have registered an initiative with the consistory demanding explanations from Espadas about "how, when and what has failed in the carrying out these checks
• "Despite the fact that the city council is solely responsible for these controls, since the disease was detected it has only spoken on one occasion and it also did so to say that its response had been effective, ignoring reporting on its management before the appearance of the outbreak
• The PP asks Espadas that "if the city council is not sufficiently trained or does not have the means to carry out these preventive controls, it would have to consider returning these powers"
The PP has recalled today that "the only competent entity for preventive health control of food companies is the Seville city council" and calls on the Espadas government to explain "how, when and what has failed in carrying out these controls" and that, " If you are not qualified to manage this competence, return it to the Department”.

In a press conference offered by the vice-secretary of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, the president of the Seville PP, Virginia Pérez, and the general secretary and deputy spokesperson for the Seville city council, Juan de la Rosa, the popular president has shown her concern about the state of the patients affected by this outbreak and have wished their speedy recovery.

Virginia Pérez has lamented "the tortious policy on the part of the PSOE, fundamentally, which is not taking into account public health or the sick, but is dedicated to attacking, and they also do so by ignoring many data, the Junta de Andalucía, which is carrying out diligent and effective management of this outbreak”.

"Because, what must be made very clear to the citizens is that the Seville City Council is solely responsible for preventive health analyzes with respect to the health control of food companies in the city."

"There are only three city councils in Andalusia, Granada, Malaga and Seville, which have the powers regarding food controls on these issues, that is, the Seville City Council has its own team that is in charge of carrying out the controls to detect possible anomalies and prevent these products from coming onto the market. What has failed is that prior control and that is why this unfortunate outbreak of listeriosis has been generated ”.

"For this reason, we want to demand explanations from the Seville City Council, explanations that up to now it has not given and that are absolutely necessary so as not to continue fueling the alarm that the PSOE itself is generating."

The popular president has assured that “the city council can offer a lot of light explaining how the controls are carried out, when and at what moment they have been carried out and if something has failed in this control. The city council, which is the only competent one, is the one that must be asked for responsibilities and explanations so that they can tell us what has happened and why these sanitary controls have failed ”.

“During this time, we have only had one piece of news from the Seville city council and that is when on August 16 he assured the media that his action has been quick to detect listeriosis. Neither before nor after has the municipal government ruled, despite the fact that only they can clarify what has failed in that prior control.

"From the PP we demand the socialist municipal government to stop this obscurantism about its management regarding this outbreak and explain how these controls have been carried out and for this, today we have registered a letter in the town hall demanding that Espadas report in detail on this management. In addition, we ask for collaboration between administrations and responsibility and seriousness from the rest of the political parties so that they stop making political use of this outbreak.

"Likewise, if the city council does not consider itself sufficiently trained or does not have sufficient means to carry out these preventive controls, it would have to consider returning these powers to the Ministry."