• García and Domínguez question whether the "trick" of requesting all the documentation from the agency is in case the PSOE believes that "in everything the Faffe did there were irregularities"
• «We are not blindly going and we know what we are looking for in an «extremely serious case where the money of the Andalusian unemployed was used to pay the good life to gentlemen linked to the PSOE»
The representatives of the Popular Group in the parliamentary commission of investigation on the Faffe, Ana Vanessa García and Erik Domínguez, have accused the PSOE of "wanting to block the operation of the Ministry of Employment and that of the commission itself" by requesting documentation "of the entire life of the Faffe" in a "ruse" so that the objective of this parliamentary investigation of "finding out the truth and recovering the money" ends up being "like looking for a needle in a haystack".

García has warned about the "nonsense" of this action by the Socialists, questioning what the PSOE intends with it and if with it it is saying "if there were irregularities in everything the Faffe did."

However, the popular parliamentarian has clarified that in the investigation commission "we are not going blindly and we know what we are looking for" in an "extremely serious case where the money of the Andalusian unemployed was used to pay the good life to gentlemen linked to the PSOE».

In this sense, he has said that the intention is to find out "the plot of false invoices that the UCO says were used to pay for the parties, the public money spent on prostitution, the socialist leaders who went to the Faffe to read the newspaper and the 50 million euros of unjustified subsidies.

And for this reason, the Popular Group has requested "specific" documentation such as "files of the subsidies that are in the process of reimbursement", with a value of more than 60 million without justifying, "information regarding the control of the fund and the boxes that it had the Faffe, all the documentation related to the black cards and information on the liquidation of the Faffe when the personnel join the SAE».

In addition, "the rental and subleasing contracts, the awarding of contracts and the subcontracting of the Faffe itself have also been requested, because the UCO has said that there are rigging and irregularities in numerous contracts, which we have requested because the Prosecutor's Office sees indications of embezzlement of up to 9,4 million euros.

"We also want to know how many times it has been subcontracted for training courses, the Faffe file in the Delphi worker training scandal" and to "clarify that plugging and clientelism that existed with socialist leaders", which according to the company itself judicial investigation "points to more than 200 people linked to the PSOE."

Likewise, it has highlighted that a file related to the Umax company has also been requested, since "the Faffe had a relationship with this company", of which four former high-ranking officials of the PSOE were recently convicted, which "demonstrates that there are irregularities in the Faffe».

"We are working in that commission of inquiry" asking for "a lot of documentation, but concrete documentation of what we are looking for about the atrocities that occurred with public money in the Faffe because we want to know the truth, recover the money and make the guilty pay."