• Deputy Ramón Herrera recalls that this material has been up to six years without being renewed
• "The left said that the wolf was coming, but this government has come to fix the problems they have left behind"
The deputy of the Popular Group, Ramón Herrera, stressed this morning in the parliamentary committee on Education that "finally all Andalusian primary school students will be opening textbooks next year" after the PSOE "has been up to six years without renewing the material in some primary education courses”.

After his speech in the commission, the counselor for the branch announced that for the 2019/20 academic year, the six Primary years will release books, and that the use of digital publications as school supplies will be promoted, among other aspects.

For this reason, Herrera has congratulated himself because "the Government of change has quickly addressed one of the main claims of the associations of fathers and mothers of Andalusian schools." In this sense, the deputy from Almería has highlighted that "there were many complaints that we had received from the educational community about the state of the materials that will be renewed next year, in which they will remain free"

Herrera recalled that "Andalusia continues to notice the change of government for the better", and although "the left always warned that the wolf was coming, it has arrived but to fix many of the problems created by the left". "This only requires effective management and a lot of work, just what has been lacking all these years in Andalusia," stressed the deputy for Almería.