• Rafael Caracuel proposes the permanent collaboration of the universities together with an equal offer of scholarships for all athletes.
• Regrets that previous PSOE governments, with insufficient plans such as Andalucía Olímpica, never resolved the need to facilitate the reconciliation of sport with studies

The Andalusian Popular Party has managed to push forward in the Andalusian Parliament a non-legal proposal (PNL) with the unanimous vote of all the groups for the reconciliation of academic and sports life.
Thanks to this NLP, the Autonomous Chamber will urge the Governing Council to initiate a Support Plan for Athletes that includes the appropriate measures to facilitate the reconciliation of academic and sports life.

Popular parliamentarian Rafael Caracuel, who has defended the initiative in the Education and Sports Commission, has proposed "permanent collaboration with universities and the establishment of university sports scholarships, in addition to expanding scholarships for athletes in training, professional athletes, high-level and high performance, equalizing the offer for all”.

In addition, "it is also necessary to support the practice of sports with academic training by studying the flexibility of schedules", since young athletes, especially professional athletes, "combine practicing sports with classes and exams with great sacrifice, a great example for society and that, in addition, they are putting Andalusia on the international sports map”.

For this reason, Caracuel maintains the need to take measures in this regard that "improve what the previous socialist governments of the Board never did in terms of conciliation for athletes."

In this sense, he regretted that scholarships such as the Andalucía Olímpica Plan "never met the expectations that were held of them, something that has been aggravated by not reaching all the athletes who needed them to be able to combine sport with the studies".