• Carazo points out that the modification of the bonus tables "continues to leave out thousands of families"

• "Families are going to have to pay 272 euros per month, which in fact means that they cannot opt ​​for a place because they cannot access aid"

• Discrimination continues based on the date of birth by not being able to apply for aid at any time during the course”

marifran carazo

Marifran Carazo

The spokesperson for Education of the Andalusian PP, Marifrán Carazo, denounced today that the government of Susana Díaz is going to maintain the 'cut' of aid in Early Childhood Education and once again fails to comply with its commitment to solve the problems created by the decree approved a year ago. year with the rejection of the sector and families and with the vote against the PPA. Carazo explained that after the meeting yesterday of the Sector Table with the nursery schools, the Board proposed some "clearly insufficient modifications that continue to leave out thousands of mileurista families."

The popular spokeswoman stated that the Andalusian government "shows itself incapable of solving the problems it created due to its lack of dialogue and for the next year the same problems and the same results will continue."

Thus, he pointed out that "thousands of families with limited resources are going to have to continue paying 272 euros per month, which in fact means that many of them cannot apply for a place in Early Childhood Education because they cannot access aid."

Marifrán Carazo reproached "the lack of negotiating spirit of the Ministry of Education, since it went to the Sector Table with a closed proposal and did not accept the debate on the tables of nursery schools."

On the other hand, he pointed out that the problem of children who have not yet been born during the enrollment period is not resolved for the next academic year. "These are families that are left without being able to request help as there is no open call that allows them to request the bonus at any time during the course."

Carazo pointed out that "it is a perverse effect of Díaz's decree that is a trip to family reconciliation and, as in all the educational policies of the Díaz government, it breaks equality, since it discriminates against some families or others depending on the date of birth of their children”.