• Crespo: "Díaz has spent 2017 pending the socialist primaries and we do not want 2018 to pass pending the electoral accounts"

• The PPA will present a PNL to review the Road Plan and include highways that are years behind schedule

• Ensures that Juanma Moreno "would give priority to these works that generate employment opportunities and economic and social convergence"

The spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, announced today that the PPA will present a non-legal proposal to demand the streamlining of the highways that run through Andalusia and that are years behind schedule to prevent 2018 "from being another year in white". Crespo assured that "2017 has been a blank year for Susana Díaz because she has been pending the socialist primaries and we do not want 2018 to pass pending the electoral accounts."

The popular spokesperson pointed out that they will request the revision of the 2020 Track Plan to include the programming of "fundamental highways that structure Andalusia and can generate employment, economic and convergence possibilities." She added that with the current planning the works would be postponed until 2030 or 2040.

Crespo went with parliamentarians from Almería to the link between the A-7 and A-92 at the Viator roundabout to demand the northern access to the capital of Almería. He assured that "we are not going to settle for the fact that work is being done on the project because it was promised 10 years ago and it should be completed in 2018 or early 2019."

He also demanded that the Almanzora Highway be completed and denounced that "it is not expected to finish it until Baza despite the fact that it was a personal commitment of Susana Díaz in the electoral campaign." He considered that it is "a fundamental work for the PP because it connects the provinces of Almería and Granada and is essential for employment and the convergence of eastern Andalusia."

Carmen Crespo also referred to the Iznalloz-Darro Highway, promised in 1999 and of which there is not a single kilometer in operation nor is work being done on it; to the Autovía del Olivar, which they promised 17 years ago and said would be finished in 2010 but of which there are 60 kilometers to go in the province of Córdoba; and the Jaén-Córdoba Highway, of which not one kilometer has been completed and there is no commitment whatsoever for its execution.

The popular spokesperson also claimed the Guadalhorce Highway, started in 1992 and without commitment to finish it; the unfolding of the A-384 Arcos de la Frontera-Algodonales, promised 11 years ago and without a single kilometer in operation; the Huelva metropolitan south connection, promised in 2007 and which has not gone beyond being a project; the Cuenca Minera Highway in Huelva; and the North Access of the Alcores Highway in Seville.

Crespo pointed out the Andalusian PP's commitment to these fundamental works for the economic and social development of Andalusia and assured that Juanma Moreno "would carry out these works giving them priority, with a serious infrastructure plan and meeting the deadlines." He recalled that the Andalusian government's Pista Plan requires the Government of Spain to invest 12 euros for every euro invested by the Junta, for which reason he demanded that Díaz “at least invest that euro”. Thus, he pointed out that until October, the execution of investment in transport infrastructure was at 45,4%.