· Jury affirms that the PP "works for a public, universal, quality and free health care"

· Highlights government priorities such as salary equalization for professionals, Primary Care, the elimination of the auction of medicines and the reduction of waiting lists”


The spokesperson for Health and Families of the PP in the Parliament of Andalusia, Beatriz Jurado, highlighted today the importance of the Andalusian Pact for Health that the government wants to promote and asked the rest of the parliamentary groups for "dialogue and a constructive attitude so as not to disappoint or the health professionals and the Andalusians, who expect so much from this new stage”.

In his intervention in the parliamentary commission, Jurado recalled that this great agreement was proposed by the PPA when it was in opposition and that it will continue working to achieve it in this legislature. He added that the objective of his group is "to work and promote public, universal, quality and free health care."

The popular spokesperson pointed out the success of the lines of action presented by the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, and highlighted priorities such as salary equality for health professionals; the increase in resources in Primary Care; equality in access to healthcare in the rural world; the elimination of the auction of medicines; the commitment to Home Care; and the reduction of waiting lists.

In relation to waiting lists, he asked the counselor to keep Parliament informed of the results of the audits on the waiting figures in public health. He also called for "going deeper" in socio-health coordination, which "represents a real novelty in our system."

Jurado agreed with the diagnosis of the problems made by the counselor and pointed out that the main problems of the Andalusian health system are administrative chaos, with an excess of instrumental entities; the lack of budget and budget execution; the loss of health professionals; the deterioration and lack of infrastructures; the politicization of management positions and the abuse of free appointment; the terrible situation of Primary Care; excessive and made-up waiting lists; and the auction of medicines.

The popular spokeswoman insisted that the PPA "defends public health and is not going to allow anyone to want to become the owner of something that is the patrimony of all, and less than anyone who has led our health to the queue of investment per inhabitant or to lose more than 7.000 professionals, more than in any autonomous community”.