• Nieto: "It is necessary that this money come to improve the health, education, dependency and infrastructures of the Andalusians as agreed by the PP in the opposition and PSOE in the Junta"
• Warns that the tax increase proposed by Pedro Sánchez goes against what Andalusia needs by hindering "economic development and job creation"

The parliamentary spokesman for the Andalusian Popular Party, José Antonio Nieto, has called on the future Government of Spain to allocate 4.000 of the 26.000 million euros to the autonomous community of Andalusia that he plans to obtain with a tax increase in the country.

"It is necessary that this money come to our land to improve health, education, dependency and the infrastructures of Andalusia because it is the agreement that the Popular Party in the opposition closed with the PSOE in the Junta, which was demanded of the previous Government of Spain and that today, with logical coherence, must be claimed”.

Nieto has indicated that “a fairer, more honest and more appropriate change in the financing of this land must now be carried out and that allows us to address the issues that the Andalusians demand of us; something that is necessary and logical that we address, and that we will do it from the PP”.

The parliamentary spokesman has warned about how the next Government of Spain will affect Andalusia after learning that Pedro Sánchez will raise taxes "by 26.000 million euros, according to a report sent to the European Union."

"This tax increase will affect all Spaniards and all Andalusians", and it goes "against" the measures of the Andalusian Government, which lowers taxes "to activate the economy, promote economic development, facilitate work for the self-employed and small businessmen and, in this way, stimulate the creation of employment”.