• "The creation of the 'product manager' will create a single mobile window to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles"
• Domínguez highlighted the 0,77 percent increase in the budget for the Social Economy, where 82.000 jobs are created.
• "We are already seeing results such as the new Cosentino investment in Almería, or the increase in Cepsa in the Campo de Gibraltar"
The Andalusian Popular Party spokesman for Employment, Erik Domínguez, analyzed today in Jaén the Junta's budget for 2019 that is being processed in Parliament and was convinced that it will mean an "alliance with the self-employed and companies" to attract investment in Andalusia.

"This alliance - affirmed Domínguez - will project the attraction of investments that must come to our autonomous community to achieve the impulse and expansion of our own community and the creation of employment".

The PPA spokesman stressed the new government's commitment to the self-employed, SMEs and entrepreneurs so that this budget is executed. "It will materialize in concrete events, such as the creation of 'project managers', these eleven officials with whom to eliminate obstacles, establish a kind of mobile one-stop shop."

For the regional deputy, this is “a popular demand in the business sphere, so that when one wants to create a company, one does not need to invest more time in bureaucratic obstacles and more time spent moving paper than the activity itself. These people are going to capture that business projection towards our community and they are going to make a much more agile and efficient system”.

Erik Domínguez highlighted the 0,77 percent increase in the budget for the social economy, where labor limited companies, cooperatives or special employment centers are located, which create 82.000 jobs in our community. "Most of them are female employment, there is a higher rate of permanent employment, it is stable, social employment and committed to our land."

Among the measures included in the budget for 2019, he pointed out the increase in the second-year flat rate to sixty euros, the super-reduced rate of thirty for young entrepreneurs or for women in rural areas, which also strengthen and anchor the population to the territory and they combat this scourge that we have of depopulation.

Domínguez believes that “they are already seeing results such as this new investment by Cosentino in Almería, or the increase in Cepsa in the Campo de Gibraltar, they will now be able to work with the 'product managers' to expedite procedures and generate many jobs. He also trusted that the new EPA for September reflects good results, "they will be encouraging because the circumstances have been created", he concluded.