• The deputy secretary of Education and Tourism of the PPA, Bruno García, criticizes that "the PSOE painted the budgets, filled Andalusia with publicity and then reality went the other way"

• "This is the budget with the greatest investment in Education in history, since it increases by 244 million", he assures

The Vice-Secretary for Education and Tourism of the Andalusian Popular Party, Bruno García, insisted this Saturday that the budgets presented by the Government of the change "are good for Andalusia", for which reason he urged all parties to "reflect" so that they finally approve. "The budgets are good and we ask that they be approved because what we want is to improve the day-to-day life of Andalusia." Regarding the open negotiations with the rest of the political forces, he explained that "they are underway and there is time, we ask everyone to reflect and we are going to do everything on our part so that this budget goes ahead."

At a press conference in Cádiz, he assured that the PP "has a real commitment to the execution of the budget", contrary to what the previous PSOE government did. "We have experienced that way of governing of the PSOE, which painted a budget, filled Andalusia with publicity, announcements and headlines and then reality went the other way," he lamented before recalling: "We will do it the other way around, we will paint the budgets and the we will execute. That's the commitment."

García criticized that this 2019 budget that the Government of Juanma Moreno has presented should have been left by the PSOE, "but it left it undone and called elections." "The first thing the new government has done is attend to 2018, do 2019 and lay the foundations for the 2020 budget."

Regarding the accounts presented, he stressed that it has "a very clear social part and another focused on economic development objectives and investment generator", and regretted that the PSOE has sent the message that there would be cuts and that they would be bad in the social, " when reality is different. “The reality is that the item in social spending is increased by 1.129 million euros. We believe in well-being and in the need to cover the social social part. We raised the item for Dependencia by 100 million, and that gives us a clear vision of what the PP wants”, García remarked.

In figures, the deputy of the Popular Group, pointed out the 37% increase for Special Education, which represents an increase of 18% compared to 2018. "The increase in the family support program will also increase by 21% compared to what was executed in 2018 and we also allocate 39 million for free textbooks, which will allow the renewal of Primary school books”, he pointed out. And for job creation, he assured that 3.000 jobs will be created plus Vocational Training. “This is the budget with the highest investment in Education in the history of Andalusia, since it increases by 244 million euros”, he remarked.

García wanted to remember how the PSOE budgeted certain amounts and then executed much lower ones. “There the PSOE had a very important deficit. In Tourism they had 85 million and only executed 64. Now, on the contrary, the council will have 83 million, 23% more than previously executed. The Government of change will focus on budget execution and on being credible”.

And he gave as an example that in Cádiz there is a great example of the commitment of the Government of Juanma Moreno to Health. “Here we are going to improve health in the special plan for the summer since the Puerta del Mar and San Carlos hospitals will make a total of 803 work contracts. There are reinforcements and the operating rooms will be opened more to alleviate the demand and reduce the waiting lists of patients that the PSOE hid ”, he concluded.