• "In Andalusia, people are taking to the streets, and when the PSOE panics, they only know how to respond with lies," he assured.

• The Andalusian PP spokesperson has presented the #QueNoTeCuentenCuentos campaign in Marbella together with the local president and mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz

The spokesman for the Andalusian PP, Elías Bendodo, assured this Sunday in Marbella that the Andalusian PP is demanding a progressive reduction in Inheritance and Gift Tax up to 99 percent because "it is an unnecessary, abusive tax, a grievance to the Andalusians who It is only maintained by the lack of sensitivity, the stubbornness and the arrogance of Mrs. Díaz. Because she says that she does, ”he assured.

Bendodo, who presented the campaign #QueNoTeCuentenCuentos this morning in Marbella together with the president of the local PP and mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has assured that this tax "is a complete robbery of the Andalusians, who see how the Board puts his hand in his pocket unfairly”, and recalled that many families “have to renounce inheritances, that is why it is a full-blown robbery and the Andalusian PP wants it to disappear”.

Bendodo has pointed out that the Andalusian PP and the Andalusians "we are tired of the PSOE telling us stories, of the closed hospital beds or the schools that have to ask Burger King for children's food due to lack of personnel." "Socialism in Andalusia is a lie," he said.

The Andalusian PP spokesman has indicated that “socialism panics when people take to the streets. The doctors, the teachers, the people are taking to the streets, and the PSOE only knows how to respond with lies”.

This has happened, he pointed out, with the Inheritance Tax, "which they say is a tax for the rich, but the Andalusian PP collected more than 300.000 signatures demanding its elimination." Bendodo has also pointed out that the Board pockets some 30 million euros from Andalusians each month for this concept and that every day some 20 families are forced to renounce their inheritance for not being able to pay the tax. “That they don't tell us more stories, we have enough with their pride for them to tell us milongas on top of that”, he assured.

Bendodo has accused Díaz of maintaining "an arrogant attitude that does not admit the slightest criticism, and when one does not know how to manage one has to accept criticism." "All the official propaganda of the Junta does not serve to cover up mismanagement, arrogance and permanent breaches, nor the harsh reality of 35 disastrous years", he assured. He also recalled that "Andalusia is the only community that has not had alternation in its government."

“We pay more taxes than anyone and we have the worst services in Spain, that is what we have to claim. Inheritance Tax is an unfair tax. Many throw away years saving to leave something for their children, and in the end the Board arrives and takes it away ”, he pointed out.