• The mayor of Almería and candidate for re-election announces a large investment to improve the quality of life of citizens
• It will create an environmental observatory "to be able to make strategic decisions"
«The mayor of Almería and candidate for re-election, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, has highlighted his commitment to the environment and sustainability, two fields that are "vital for large cities". For this reason, he recalled that Almería after his management "is a better city that has known how to understand the environment, which is also a commitment to the future because it generates wealth, development and jobs."

He assured that if he has the trust of the citizens again, the first measure he will take in this field will be to create an environmental observatory to "analyze the different parameters of the city, air quality, etc., and thus be able to make strategic decisions to improve the life of the people of Almería”.

He also announced an energy improvement plan to "be more efficient" in which "one million euros will be invested in maritime areas", where "a network of urban trails will be launched and the landscape legacy will be valued". "We are going to launch a more sustainable Almería in waste management, and improving the quality of life will always be an objective to pursue", reiterated Fernández-Pacheco.

Among the achievements of his mandate, he highlighted his sustainable urban mobility plan, the undergrounding of containers, smart zebra crossings, the increase in parking areas, the expansion of the bike lane as well as the commitment to taxis and new technologies and the improvement of connectivity between the different neighborhoods of the city.