• The popular ones denounce that the hiding of 34.000 dependent Andalusians "is a real shame that adds to the fraud of the waiting lists in health"
• "Faced with the deceptions of the PSOE, now we have the government of Juanma Moreno that confronts dependency from the outset with a shock plan of 77 million"

The spokesperson for Social Policies of the PP-A in the Andalusian Parliament, Ana Vanessa García, has denounced that "the new PSOE scandal, which has hidden 34.000 Andalusians on dependency waiting lists, shows that the Socialists have dedicated themselves more to cover up their mismanagement than to solve the problems of the Andalusians”.

“We are finding out that with the PSOE we have had more of a scam than of the government in Andalusia, because it is a real shame that the socialists hid 34.000 people in dependency, a true fraud like the one we recently met with that of half a million hidden Andalusians as well. by the PSOE on the health waiting lists”.

García has lamented that "to the figure of deception we must also add the list of laziness", since these 34.000 hidden Andalusians in dependency are added to the 75.000 who officially have their right to dependency service recognized and who do not receive the benefit pertinent "because of the disastrous management of the Socialists, who have dragged out processes for years that should have been done in six months."

“The dependency has been used by the PSOE as a throwing weapon against the PP, and for us, on the other hand, it is a problem that we faced from the outset, as the government of Juanma Moreno is going to do with the shock plan announced in 77 million euros”.

"Now we do have a government in Andalusia that cares about the Andalusians, and that is going to achieve a much more efficient and useful dependency system for all Andalusians, with measures such as new posts for telecare workers, service workers techniques and simplification of administrative procedures”.