The Andalusian Government announces an investment of 557 million euros in 2024, in the construction and renovation of health infrastructure, within the Budgets of the Junta de Andalucía 2024.

Strong commitment of the Government of the Board in health infrastructures

This plan represents a significant increase of 334% in comparison with 2018 or with a 32% more than in 2023. The Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs, Catalina Garcia, has emphasized the importance of this project to improve the health system in Andalusia.

In addition, the health budget for 2024 rises to 14.246 million euros, which is 3% more than the previous year and 45% more compared to 2018. This increase is also reflected in spending per inhabitant, which will reach 1.695,96 euros, 526 euros more than five years ago. García highlights that almost a third of Andalusia's total budget will be allocated to health, reaching 7,5% of the regional GDP.

Priority focus on primary care

The Andalusian Government's approach not only focuses on physical infrastructure, but also on strengthening Primary Care, which will receive 36% of the budget of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), that is, 4.976 million euros. This budget increase is in line with the Pact for Primary Care, which proposes a minimum of 25% of the SAS budget for Primary.

Investment in personnel will also experience an increase, with a budget of 6.776 million euros for 2024, which represents 47,7% of the total budget and an increase of 3% compared to 2023. García emphasizes that this budget will allow the structure to be consolidated current and execute measures agreed upon in the sectoral and technical tables.

Additionally, an investment of 128 million euros is planned for continuity of care, 66% more than in 2018, and 10 million euros for self-concerts, which represents a increase of more than 700% compared to 2018. These investments are expected to contribute to reducing waiting lists and improving the response to the growing demand for health services.

Finally, Minister García affirms that this financial effort is crucial to continue improving the health of Andalusian citizens, and emphasizes that the investments are allocated to specific measures to adapt health care and resources to each situation and patient. With these actions, the Andalusian Government seeks to reinforce its commitment to a system of public health more efficient and accessible to everyone.