• The president of the popular Andalusians, Moreno Bonilla, is sure that the Huelva mayoral candidate, Pilar Miranda Silver “She is going to make history as the first female mayor of Huelva” because she is determined to transfer to the capital the magnificent management she has done in the Port.
• In the middle of the campaign, Moreno recalls that the 28M "we have a lot at stake in municipal and also regional terms to consolidate the economic and social transformation of Andalusia."

Huelva "has it all" to be a benchmark for progress and well-being with the PP project. Juanma Moreno with Pilar Miranda Plata.

Huelva "has it all" to be a benchmark for progress and well-being with the PP project. Juanma Moreno with Pilar Miranda Plata.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, stressed today from Huelva that the 28M elections They are a "campaign in which we are at stake a lot at a national level, because all of Spain is voting, we are at stake a lot at a regional level because we are also consolidating that change that we want, that economic and social transformation in terms of progress that we want to consolidate in Andalusia" , at the same time that it has influenced that "above all, the cities, the neighbors who decide their present and their future around the different candidacies are at stake."

For this reason, halfway through this campaign, Moreno wanted to express his "maximum support" for the PP candidate for mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda Plata. "A candidate who has strength, capacity, enthusiasm, who is backed by magnificent management at the head of the Huelva Port Authority", he explained, adding that "she has done great things and, of course, she comes with that drive and that determination that Huelva shines with its own light and is located between the great cities of Spain and Andalusia”.

Moreno has defended that "Huelva has gastronomy, agriculture, it has the environment, it has the people of Huelva, who are the best it has, as well as industry and enormous tourism potential." In short, the Andalusian president has affirmed that "Huelva has it all and the only thing that is needed is that we put a project on the table, mark that project and achieve that great objective of making Huelva a great Andalusian and Spanish city of reference ”.

Juanma Moreno has shown himself to be sure that "Pilar will have the love and support of the residents of Huelva and I am convinced that she will make history as the first woman mayor of this city" and "she will also make history as a transformative and regenerative mayoress of this great city that is Huelva”.

On the other hand, the candidate for Mayor of the Popular Party of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has thanked the support of Juanma Moreno, who has highlighted his "indisputable commitment" to Huelva.

For candidate, Huelva needs a change, "and so the neighbors tell us on the streets every time we go for a walk through the neighborhoods." Miranda has also insisted that "today, the change that Juanma Moreno initiated is unstoppable everywhere and it will also arrive here, because in recent years in Andalusia we have not stopped advancing, growing, and that is what we want for Huelva, we want to put Huelva first in line”.

In this sense, the popular has transferred that both her team and she have "all the enthusiasm and desire, and we also have Juanma Moreno as an ally, because only our city project represents the unbeatable alliance that the union of the Board of Andalusia, the Port of Huelva and the City Council, in order to be able to transfer to Huelva the model of efficiency in management that is being developed in Andalusia, with consensus, with moderation and dialogue”.