• Insists that "dialogue is necessary" and that the social spending of the Government's budget for change exceeds any other figure that would have been known from the socialist party
• Denounces the "tremendous collapse" caused by the management of Susana Díaz in Dependency
• Asks the PSOE for explanations for "the Cetursa scandal, who knew about it and covered it up"
The deputy secretary of the Welfare Society of the Andalusian Popular Party, José Ramón Carmona, assured this morning that the political groups that have presented amendments to all of the Andalusian budgets "are making an amendment to all of the social policies that are necessary to our land". For this reason, he insisted that "not only the dialogue offered by the PPA is very important, but also that there is a greater understanding of these political forces towards the needs of this land to prosper and progress."

At a press conference in Malaga, Carmona highlighted that 53% of the budget presented by the Government of Change "commits to social policies", ensuring that "beyond the labels of others, this new Government is sensitive to reality from our land and will take Andalusia out of the caboose”. And he remarked that "it is not only necessary that they be approved, but that they are necessary for all Andalusians because in the social part it exceeds any other figure that would have been known from any previous budget made by the Socialists."

The deputy secretary of the PPA gave as examples that these accounts rise by 5,9% to the current ones that are extended given that "more money has never been allocated to social policies as the Government of Juanma Moreno does", and stressed that "investment in Health amounts to 10.400 million, almost 8% more”.

He also elaborated on the item for Dependency, which "presents a historic increase of 100 million euros and reaches 1.400". In this matter, Carmona denounced "the tremendous collapse caused by the Government of Susana Díaz by not recognizing 33.000 dependents who were waiting." And he criticized: "There was an understaffing, which is already being remedied, and there was an enormous insufficiency of technical and computer resources, which the new government has already promised to solve."

The regional deputy also regretted that the PSOE government had “75.132 people valued with a degree to access benefits that had not been notified; 35.315 had a recorded application waiting to be assessed while an undetermined number of people were neither recorded nor registered in the system”.

Carmona warned of the low budget execution made by the previous PSOE government, and gave the example of the water canon, where "only 250 million of the more than 750 million collected were invested", a situation that the Government of Juanma Moreno is going to sort out. "In this year 2019, the execution of more than 150 million has already been committed for new treatment plants, etc."

On the other hand, Carmona regretted the complaint by the Prosecutor's Office against the former CEO of Cetursa, who was also an Andalusian counselor in a PSOE government. “This issue is not new. The PPA has been denounced over and over again in Parliament but the PSOE refused to respond to a scandal that was already rearing its head”. For this reason, the deputy demanded "explanations as soon as possible from Susana Díaz for this new scandal that they knew about and that they covered up." In addition, he assured that from the PPA "no measure in this regard is ruled out if they do not give the appropriate explanations, and not only in parliament but publicly," he concluded.