• It undertakes to hold the meetings of the Governing Council in the eight provinces "as a symbol of the closeness of the government of the Junta to the interests of all Andalusians"
• Ensures that the mayors and mayors will have in him an "ally" as president of the Board, "regardless of their political color"
• Asks the political groups to recover the spirit of concord, tolerance and dialogue that made possible the Pact of Antequera in 1978

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has announced today that the first Governing Council of the new government of the Junta will be held in the Malaga municipality of Antequera on January 25. Likewise, he announced his commitment to hold the meetings of the Governing Council in the eight Andalusian provinces, "as a symbol of the closeness of the Junta's government to the interests of the entire community and of all Andalusians."

During his turn to reply to the intervention of the Popular Party spokesperson, Carmen Crespo, in the investiture debate in the Parliament of Andalusia, Moreno recalled that Antequera was the place where the 'Antequera Pact' was signed 40 years ago and that then, “in more difficult times, eleven political forces on both sides and even at the ends of the ideological spectrum, were able to sit at a Table with the aim of creating the Statute of Autonomy and the government of the Junta de Andalucía”.

"That effort and that show of tolerance and dialogue gave rise to our government," said Moreno, who assured that his aspiration is to "recover that spirit of harmony and tolerance that made us Andalusians great," for which he summoned all the political groups to "leave prejudices behind to seek meeting points and reach agreements".

He assured that his government "will listen and be transparent with all political groups" and he was convinced that with a "climate of dialogue and trust" it will "enrich itself and allow great benefits for our land."

During his speech, Juanma Moreno assured that the change to which he has committed as president of the Board is not only a change in the management model, "but also a change in the styles of governing."

In this sense, he said that the confrontation that the socialist governments have carried out in the Junta, both with the municipalities and with the Government of Spain under the mandates of the PP "have been one of the great mistakes of the past." “That is going to change,” he stressed.

Thus, he sent a message to the mayors of the Andalusian municipalities, to whom he said that he will have in him, as president of the Board, "an ally, regardless of political color."

“The town halls are a fundamental part of the community's architecture and not accepting it is a mistake. You cannot govern by confronting the government or the mayors, ”he insisted. "You are fundamental allies of the reforms that we want to implement, you are public servants and you will have strong support from the Junta de Andalucía, regardless of political color," he said.

Juanma Moreno thanked the Popular Parliamentary Group for the work carried out throughout the ten legislatures that have taken place in the Parliament of Andalusia. "One is the inheritance of what others have done before," he said, pointing out that he highlighted the "effort, commitment and sacrifice" of the popular deputies, especially Javier Arenas and Teófila Martínez, who ran as candidates for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía for the Popular Party.

Moreno asked the PP deputies to "be the first to be critical of the new government of the Junta", because "I will always need that transmission belt between what we do in the institutions and what is said on the street".