• The president of the Andalusian PP defends reformist policies that are a revulsion for these municipalities and put an end to 'two-speed Andalusia'

• The Andalusian PP "believes in the talent and potential of inland Andalusia to put us at the same level as the rest of Spain"; the PSOE has used it only to capture votes

• Moreno underlines the rigor of his Employment proposal: "We are a serious government party, others are content to be the stick of the socialist policies of the million unemployed"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today defended the role of inland municipalities as "drivers of wealth, progress and employment for the community", and has publicly opted to carry out reformist policies aimed at these municipalities to achieve the objective of creating 600.000 jobs in four years with a PP government in the Junta de Andalucía.

Moreno said that his proposal "is the result of a calm, rigorous analysis shared with mayors, fellow party members, public officials, and the Ministry of Employment," against those who despise this initiative.

The president of the Andalusian PP made these statements after presiding over a meeting of the party's Rural Agora in the Seville municipality of Pilas, together with its mayor, José Leocadio Ortega, and the president of the Seville PP, Virginia Pérez.

"We are a serious government party, others are content to be the stick of 40-year-old socialist policies, of the million unemployed," he said, referring to the criticism made by Ciudadanos of the Employment campaign that the president of the PP Andaluz has presented this week.

Juanma Moreno said that the Andalusian PP "believes in the talent, capacity and potential" of inland Andalusia "to put us at the level of the rest of Spain" and pointed out that for this the community "needs a government with ambition, with reforms , and that he counts on them to build a better Andalusia for all”.

"Inland municipalities are the backbone of Andalusia, and they can bring much more wealth, employment and progress to our land with a government that is committed to reforms with institutional courage", he stressed.

He said that in Andalusia there is a clear "growth gap" between these municipalities and the rest of the community, which causes a "two-speed" Andalusia in which the socialist policies from the Junta "are directly marginalizing a part of the population Andalusian” in access to public services, health and educational infrastructures and income level.

He accused the socialist governments of "using" these municipalities "solely to capture votes" and of showing himself to be "incapable" of making the reforms that small municipalities especially need in matters, he explained, such as land use planning or administrative bureaucracy to who want to invest in them.

He added that the Board's ordinances often “set limits to the growth” of these population centers: “It cannot be that a municipality takes a decade to organize its territory in order to guarantee stability and thus attract investment; You cannot limit the progress and economic development of many peoples who are also committed to the environment and make it compatible with growth based on common sense”, he added.

Juanma Moreno stated that the project of the PP Andaluz goes through "facilitating the creation of employment, wealth and progress for the people with less administrative bureaucracy, clear regulations and more freedom to attract investment and for all the talent that is in all corners of Andalusia”, he concluded.